Walking Works of Art - Behind the Scenes!

A 'Behind the Scenes' peek at Walking Works of Art... created to launch the MoonWalk London 2020 & raise awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

For one exclusive night only, Walk the Walk showcased just some of their collection of bras created between 1996 – 2019. This unique collection included bras by a variety of celebrities and personalities, designers, artists and authors so look at what happened before the big night!

The day began at Big Sky Studios,  

Our gorgeous models; Alisha, Elinor, Ellie, Emmy, Floret, Georgina, Ivy, Katy and Stefan from Models1, MOT Models and Tess Management all arrived at the studio and raring to go. A huge thank you to Big Sky Studios for donating their space for our big rehearsal.

The team gathered for a full dress rehearsal and bra fitting.

Creative and Styling Director, Karen Foster, who had been busy planning and prepping for several days before, magically brings it all together with assistants Becky, Lottie, Millie and Agnes. Each bra uniquely styled and accessorised to tell the story of the creation. Tall headdresses and even taller heels all added to the look… and even our CEO Nina added a finishing touch to the Stephen Jones hat worn by Stefan, of course we had to have a man as men can get breast cancer too!

On to the styling...

Next up the Choreography... 

Johnny and Cieran at Locked Creative, with experience, plotting, planning and with such style, put movement to some great music and before we knew it we had a show! 

Time was moving on and it was on to hair and make-up at Hari's Hairdressers.

All hands on deck or head…and often a few pairs of hands on the same head, our models were made even more glamorous by the team of fabulous Hari's Hair Stylists, and then 

it was over to make-up artists LoLo & Co. and Emily Collins

Models ready... it was time to head to the venue... the V&A Museum London

It all came together like a dream and what a show, Gaby Roslin our host for the evening, was waiting in the wings as our guests arrived, the V&A turned a shade of pink and suddenly the Walk the Walk logo was on the ceiling… lights… everybody dressed and looking spectacular… action we were ready to go! 

A huge thank you to everyone for all your hard work and creativity that made this happen. And many thanks to all those behind the scenes that go unseen, all the shops and PR companies that loaded the props and to all those that don’t get a mention but the night would not have happened without them!

See more about what happened next on the big night here.




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