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Thank you to our amazing Volunteers all over the UK

It's #VolunteersWeek which makes it the perfect time to say THANK YOU for uniting with us against breast cancer... you are awesome!

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Jenners create incredible bras for The MoonWalk Scotland

Whether the theme has been Circus, Jungle, Mad Hatters’ Midnight Tea Party or Holywood to Holyrood, the very talented team at Jenners have always excelled themselves.

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Walks, wild flowers and being transported back down memory lane

During my #wtwroadtrip adventure it has been wonderful to be out walking and enjoying the scenery and to become aware of the scents and colours of the wild flowers.

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Breast cancer charity Sizzling Summer Fundraising Selections

Have some ‘fun in the sun’ whilst fundraising... take advantage of the balmy weather and longer days and check out some sizzling fundraising ideas.

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Delving into the Walk the Walk memory box...

A big highlight in Nina’s career was being presented with a Pride of Britain award for Fundraiser of the Year in 2008.

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Exciting Grant News for Northern Ireland

Finding funding to buy a new bus was not easy, so Walk the Walk stepped in to principally fund a replacement and are thrilled to be working with charity Action Cancer for the first time.

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Want to walk faster and further in the same time?

If you want to move everything up a gear towards 5 miles an hour and beyond, which is very achievable, it is absolutely essential to have a change of approach towards your walking technique, and the way that you train.

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Men and Pilates

Reading about how Joseph Pilates was inspired, you quickly realise his overall passion was to connect the mind, body and spirit to acquire optimum health and physical strength for all, by developing efficient movement patterns. You might ask what can men get from it… so just read on.

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Suggestions for a better night’s sleep

Why do many people find good sleep frustratingly elusive even at the best of times? Now with the added pressure of COVID-19, it is not surprising that even those who slept well before, are finding that stress and lack of routine are all contributing to sleepless nights.

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Inspirational message that made us smile

We just loved the inspirational message below (from Jackie in our Walkers Hub). So, it got us thinking!

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