How to check your breasts or chest

He, She or You, anyone with breast tissue can get breast cancer. Have you checked yours?

Early diagnosis could mean a better outcome

Make a diary date to check your chest or breasts on the same day each month. Or, if you have them, 2 – 3 days after your period. 

Whether you check by standing in front of a mirror, lying down or checking whilst showering using a wet soapy hand… Choose whichever way is the most comfortable and easiest for you!

Follow these easy instructions:

Using a full length mirror - With a straight back, place your hands on your hips, looking at your reflection check for any colour changes such as redness, changes to the skin texture such as dimpling, puckering or a skin rash and any visible changes to the nipple such as a discharge.

Raise both your arms above your head - and check again for the same changes, as well as any visible lumps in the armpit, or any unusual pains or discomfort.

Lying down - Allows you to feel deep breast tissue more easily, especially if you use body oil to allow your hand to glide. Take your right hand keeping your fingers close together, begin by moving the pads of your fingers in a small circular motion around your breast or chest area. Start at the nipple and move outwards in circles up to the collarbone, including your armpit area. Then swap hands and repeat on your other side.

In the shower - Again apply soap to your hand so your fingertips can glide over the skin and following the same check as for lying down use small circular movements, working outwards from the nipple, up to the collar bone, down to the ribs and under the arm.

If you or someone you know has any symptoms that could be linked to breast or other cancers, don’t wait, visit your doctor now!

Remember, early detection can mean a better outcome and  9 out of 10 lumps are not cancerous.

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