Walk the Walk is a grant making breast cancer charity

Did you know Men Get Breast Cancer Too?

With more awareness lives could be saved... and if we can save even one life by our campaign, it will make it worthwhile! Find out more!


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Why not involve family and friends and create a team?

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Our first online Magazine!

Check out our top choices in online fitness classes...- Nina

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Tips, ideas and techniques to get the most from your daily walk!- Nina

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Thanks to you, we have raised an incredible


in 2019 so far!

Who we grant to

We rely on our fabulous volunteers

Had the best time of my life volunteering at The MoonWalk! Thank you so much the opportunity- Saad


It was like having your mum, sister, brother, dad, grandma, aunty wishing you well at every corner- Becca


Volunteering with Walk the Walk is a fun, rewarding and memorable experience. We couldn’t do what we do without you!

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