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Fundraising Ideas for Winter

Put the 'fun' into Fundraising this Festive season... raising money and awareness for vital breast cancer causes!

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Pat's final stretch of her Walk1000 miles challenge in 2019

This charity has given me more than I could ever hope for – a great support team at all events, but I have some amazing friends that I have met through the charity who keep me going.

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Ana's Journey to the Edge for breast cancer charity Walk the Walk

As a person of faith, I had wanted to do the Camino for a few years but there were other reasons for signing up this year apart from supporting the fight against breast cancer in memory of my mother.

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Support Walk the Walk this Black Friday

Hold off on your Christmas shopping, wait until the best deals start on Black Friday so you can start saving and raising for Walk the Walk with Savoo.

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Walk the Walker, Gynette's Radiance Firming Facial Oil review

Thankfully it’s available online from Nourish London and each time you purchase a bottle, £2.50 goes to Walk the Walk!

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Tracey 'Red' Parry prepares for the Arctic Challenge in 2020

My fitness levels have grown so much and I’m loving life with my new found energy. Since 2015, WTW have giving me opportunities to go to the most amazing places.

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10 Top Tips to help you smash your charity marathon fundraising!

Don't forget the Walk the Walk Fundraising Team have lots more ideas, so do get in touch, or visit our website on how to smash your target!

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Walking Works of Art - Behind the Scenes!

A 'Behind the Scenes' peek at Walking Works of Art... created to launch the MoonWalk London 2020 & raise awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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Walking Works of Art at the V&A Museum

A big thank you to all our generous sponsors, partners and supporters for making our Walking Works of Art event such a great success...

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Emma does her first 100k for her 2019 Walk 1000 miles challenge

Put the time into the training programme, and you can do it. Walk the Walk know what they're doing and gave us fantastic guidance and support.

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