Sponsors, Partners and Friends

Walk the Walk is supported by businesses and organisations in a variety of ways…from tailor made sponsorships of its iconic events, partnerships in kind and working with businesses on their Corporate Social Responsibility by adopting Walk the Walk as their Charity of the Year.

THANK YOU to our Sponsors and Partners 

We continue to work with like-minded Commercial and Media partners in mutually beneficial partnerships. 

If this is something you would be interested in please get in touch to find out more! 

The MoonWalk London and MoonWalk Scotland  




Charity of the Year

Walk the Walk has a lot to offer employers and employees, so thank you for making us your charity of the year!

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Friends of Walk the Walk

Many thanks to all the companies large and small past and present that have become Friends of Walk the Walk… your help is very much appreciated!

Walking Works of Art

Specially created bras will be showcased ‘for one night only’ at our exclusive ‘Walking Works of Art’ event during Breast Cancer Awareness Month... thank you to all the companies that donated their skills and time or gifts to help make it a success!

We thank you all for bringing together your passion, time and energy in making this a night to remember! Read all about it here!

The Walk the Walk Ethos…

Walk the Walk is the largest grant making breast cancer charity in the UK, we are also a charity that is passionate to encourage Women, men and children to become more active by walking as an important part of prevention.

We believe that everybody has the potential for good health and wellbeing. Current research has shown that small lifestyle changes of eating well and being more active can have a profound effect on prevention against disease. As many as *12% of breast cancers could be avoided by these small changes! (*world cancer trust) 

We love delicious foods and healthy products but only if they are organic or squeaky clean. So, If you would like to unite with us in our aims for those with breast cancer... 

... Call us on 01483 741430 to find out more! 

Love Walking, Love Life! 

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There are a number of ways in which you can support Walk the Walk...