Fundraising ideas

We know that your family, friends and colleagues are incredibly generous supporters, but instead of just asking them to sponsor you, why not get creative? We have a huge range of ideas, with something to suit everyone

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Top Tips

  • Set up an online fundraising page to make it easy for people to support you
  • Approach local companies or your own employer to see if they can help you.
  • Organising a raffle, putting on a cake sale in town or a collection? Unsure if you need a licence for your event? Take a look here
  • Get in touch with the Fundraising team. We would love to hear from you if you have any questions. Or tell us what worked for you!

1) Struggling with time? 

Placing a collection tub in your local shop or organising a bake sale at work can be very effective fundraisers. Get your family or a few friends involved with the baking!

A team of six of our lovely MoonWalkers raised £765 bag packing with Walk the Walk collection buckets and tons of enthusiasm at Waitrose in Sandhurst!

Have a look at our quick ideas for inspiration! 

2) Organise a small event?

Set up a stand at a craft fair, go to a car boot sale, invite your friends for a movie night. You can sell your handmade jewellery, declutter your house, or reunite with old friends at the same time as raising sponsorship! What a great exchange!

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3) Are you the Queen or King of events?

Do you love treating your friends to parties? Maybe you just always fancied the idea but never tried? Now is the time to get your organising hat on! Summer Fair, Ladies Night, Themed Parties will all need more effort in organisation and time but you could achieve your fundraising target in one go! 

For one team of regular Walk the Walkers The Big Breakfast has now become an annual event in their local community and has consistently raised lots of money. Kay, Laura, Carol and the rest of their team host this great fundraiser, serving around 150 people a cooked breakfast and each year have achieved their goal of raising £1,000 per walker!

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4) Why not put on a play? - Cheshire Cats

Tread the boards and raise money! Do you know anyone who performs in a local Amateur Dramatic Group? Are you an amateur performer yourself? Why not put on a play based on The MoonWalk and boost your fundraising whilst having a lot of fun on the way? Purrrfect!

5) Find real fundraising stories

From our walkers on what worked for them and use it as a source of inspiration for your own fundraising.

Don't forget

'The MoonWalk' are licensed events. This means that the event names and our bra T-Shirts are under copyright. Unfortunately, you are unable to copy, organise or design your own. However, we are very happy to help you in any other way we can to achieve your fundraising goal.

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