A cracking Easter fundraiser for Walk the Walk

I thought I'd try and raise money by turning one of my hobbies into a fundraiser… with Easter around the corner I picked up my knitting needles and got cracking

One of our lovely Walk the Walkers has hatched a plan for a cracking Easter fundraiser! See Janet’s story below:

I’ve been part of the Walk the Walk family for years now, whether it’s as a MoonWalk Volunteer, an office Volunteer or as a Walker, I’m always trying to do something to support them.

This year I thought I would try and raise some money by turning one of my hobbies into a little fundraiser… So after seeing a knitting tutorial online, and with Easter just around the corner I picked up my knitting needles and got cracking…   

The tutorial was for small yellow chicks, just big enough to fit a hard boiled (or chocolate in my case) egg inside, they have little felt beaks, eyes and a thin ribbon around their necks. I have knitted hats and scarves for quite some time now, so I thought this would be a nice change and a new pattern to learn.

After a bit of practice, I can now knit the main body of the chick in about 15 minutes, and the best thing about knitting is that you can do it anywhere! Then it just requires a little stuffing (in the head), assembling and its eyes and beak.

They aren’t too expensive to make either. A 100g ball of double knitting wool can cost between £3.00 and £5.00 and from that I can make around 20 chicks (although I got 23 out of my last batch)!

I’ve filled mine with hollow chocolate eggs and am going to have a stall on the Saturday before Easter, I am hoping to exchange them for a donation of £3.00 each, and have already received 15 orders from friends and family that have seen them.  

Fingers crossed my little chicks will all be happily re-homed and I will make a few £££’s for a good cause! 

If you're tempted download the pattern here


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