Online fundraising page tips

Online fundraising is the very best way to support Walk the Walk... follow these step by step instructions for your online fundraising page to help make the most of it.

1. Access your fundraising page

You will receive a welcome email once you are registered which includes an order number and link to your personal fundraising page.

You can also access your page by visiting our website. On the top toolbar, click donate and select Sponsor a Walker from the drop down menu. On this page, click search for a friend or appeal.

2. Log in to your fundraising page

If your fundraising page doesn’t give you editing options, you will need to log in. To log in, use the link from your welcome email or alternatively click on the 3 horizontal lines in the top right hand corner. Click on Log in, then enter your email address and the order
number (you can find this on your welcome email). Click ‘View fundraising page.’ It will take you to your page and you will see pink tabs to edit parts of your page.

3. Edit your fundraising page

Upload a photo, write your story, change the target, add an offline donation, say thank you, and post updates of your progress. If you want to make a donation directly onto your own page, please ensure you are logged out.

4. Upload a great picture of yourself!

Click on Edit profile pic, upload one from your saved photos and move the scanner to get the best image.

5. Make it personal 

Tell your story about why you are taking part in this challenge, and make it personal. This is how you can really make a difference to how much money you raise. Did you know by personalising your page, can help increase your fundraising by up to 70%!  Click ‘Edit story’ and don’t forget to save your changes.

6. Set your target

 You can change your fundraising goal, click edit and set your target. Remember every penny makes a difference. If you find you have reached your target, you can adjust this to raise even more!

7. Donations

Cash DonationIf you receive a cash donation towards your fundraising, or wish to donate to yourself, you can pay this onto your page, making a card payment and keeping the cash. (Remember to log out of your page before doing this). To pay in your donation, click the pink donate button and follow the instructions. Please note unless it is your own money, it cannot be gift aided.  

ChequeCheques should be made payable to Walk the Walk Worldwide and should be posted to Walk the Walk at 6 Genesis Business Park, Albert Drive, Woking RG21 5RW. Don’t forget to include a note giving your name and let us know the challenge you are taking part in so that it can be added to your fundraising.

This donation can also be added to your fundraising page as an offline donation – click “add an offline donation”

If you have a sponsorship form that the donor has completed, please send this to us as we can then claim gift aid from their donation.

8. Share your page

Click on the Facebook and Twitter Icons to share your page on social media with your friends and family.

If you don’t use social media, there is a link that you can copy and paste into an email or WhatsApp message. In the top right hand corner, you also have blue tooth options.

Please do not share on SMS messaging unless you want to incur large bills!

9. Log your achievements and updates

Every time you get a new pair of trainers, complete a training walk or hit a new personal best – share this with your family and friends. People love seeing your journey and how you are getting on and want to help you reach your targets, hopefully donating in the process.

There is no need to keep asking for sponsorship, just post the update and share your page; the page will do the asking for you!

10. Thank you!

 Every time you receive a donation; you will be notified by email. Click onto your page, log in and you can say thank you to each and every person that makes a donation on your page!

A huge thank you from everyone at Walk the Walk for taking part in your challenge, your support makes a huge difference to those living with cancer and we are so grateful to have you on our team!

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