How to manage your fundraising page

Online fundraising is the very best way to support Walk the Walk... follow these step by step instructions for your online fundraising page to help make the most of it.

Access your fundraising page

You will receive a welcome email once you are registered which contains a link to your personal or team fundraising page. 

Log in to your fundraising page

Once you’ve clicked on the LINK from your Walk the Walk invite, you’ll need to create an account with your EMAIL ADDRESS.  You’ll also be asked to set up a PASSWORD.

Then, follow through the instructions on how to create a fundraising page.

Once created, we recommend that you save your PASSWORD. 

TOP TIP! Once you’ve finished creating your fundraising page, we suggest that you save your page using FAVOURITES on your device (bookmark or star located on the top line of your device).  Saving your fundraising page as a FAVOURITE is the quickest way to access it.  To access your page, simply click into the BOOKMARKS DROPDOWN located at the top of your device and click into the link to open your page. 

Edit your individual page

In order to edit an individual page, you will need to log in by pressing the SIGN IN button on the REGISTER/SIGN IN at the top of the page – (Second button, top right-hand side). 

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see the buttons UPDATE, GIVE NOW and LOG OUT appear on the top line of your page.  Click on the UPDATE button at the top of the page.  You will get a dropdown option of UPLOADING a photo and changing your target.  

Please note:  After you’ve made the content changes, always remember to save your changes by pressing the UPDATE button at the bottom of the page. Sadly, you’ll lose any changes you’ve made if you forget to do this. 

Profile picture

Upload a great photo of yourself!  If you’ve already uploaded a picture, simply click on the image you’ve already UPLOADED and this will allow you to replace the picture!  After all, you want your friends to know it’s you!  

The profile photo dimensions are ideally:  400 pixels x 400 pixels, with a max size of 300kb. 

Writing a tagline and telling your story


Complete the TAGLINE with what you’re doing. eg you could write something like ‘Saving lives with every step.’  (100-character limit).

Make it personal

Tell your story, why you are taking part in this challenge and make it personal.  This is how you can really make a difference to how much money you raise.  Did you know that personalising your page can potentially increase your fundraising by up to 70% if people understand the reason why you are taking part!  (1,500-character limit). 

Set your target

Set your target - individual page

If you have an individual page, you can re-set your fundraising goal at any time. Remember that every penny makes a difference.  If you find you’ve reached your target, congratulations,  raise your target even higher! We recommend that you have a target bigger than how much you really want to raise!


Working towards achieving a BADGE will provide you with some useful targets. You’ll know when you’ve hit a BADGE target because each BADGE changes from a lighter shade of pink to a darker shade of pink. 

Challenges (it’s optional whether you want to update your challenges)

The list of CHALLENGES are pre-set once you’ve created your page. Click the pencil tool (edit tool) on the right-hand side of the CHALLENGES title to change, update or tick off your CHALLENGES.  Always press the yellow UPDATE Icon at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Challenges – ticking them off!

To tick off a CHALLENGE, log in and click on the pencil.  You can now tick off a CHALLENGE by ticking the turquoise tick box on the text.

Challenges – add challenge

To add a challenge simply type in the new CHALLENGE at the bottom of the table, eg arrange a coffee morning. 

Challenges – delete a Challenge

You can DELETE A CHALLENGE by using the TRASH CAN to the right of the CHALLENGE

Re-ordering your Challenges

You can RE-ORDER the sequence of your CHALLENGES by using the up and down ARROW ICONS on the right-hand side of your CHALLENGE.

TOP TIP!: RE-ORDERING your CHALLENGES can be fiddly. It’s advisable to use a desktop computer to carry out this task. 

Donation toggle

The DONATION TOGGLE will be pre-set to ‘on’ and will notify you of any new DONATIONS.  You will get a daily update via email (subject of the email is Donatations Report: Deborah Harris’s MoonWalk).  This is always sent at 8.00am and will include DONATIONS from the previous day. 

The DONOR’S receipt will be emailed to them at the time of the DONATION.

Fundraisers can also turn the DONATION TOGGLE off which means they won’t receive daily notifications.  If you set the TOGGLE to the right and yellow its ON.  If you set it to the left and grey its OFF.

Edit your team page

You can only edit the team page if you are the team leader 

SIGN IN on a team page

If you have a team page, sign into your individual page (top right-hand corner), you will see an option to VIEW your team under the TARGET.  This will open up another tab with the team page. A team leader will see an UPDATE button along the top, which they can use to EDIT the page.  Only the team leader is able to EDIT the page.

You will then get drop down menus offering you the chance to change the banner and target etc.

If any user is logged out and they want to log in from a team page, they can press VIEW TEAM and click on their name under TEAM MEMBERS near the bottom of the page.  Then sign in under the REGISTRATION KEY (yellow key – top right).

Team page banner

The team banner image dimensions are: 1652 x 350 pixels and size - under 500kb.

Team name

If you decide to change the team name, please notify [email protected].

Set your target – team page

The team target is auto calculated, so if an individual target is updated the team target changes.  The team leader cannot change the team target.

Team description

Tell the world what you’re doing! If you’re all sharing the team page, this is where you can tell your story and potentially raise up to 70% more because people will understand why you are taking part! 

Donations – how to donate

When you or a friend donate, the name and donation amount will appear on your fundraising page on the right-hand side.

Your fundraising page contains three ways to DONATE in three different places on your page using the GIVE NOW Buttons.

Orange GIVE NOW Button – Right at the top of the page

Yellow GIVE NOW Button – You’ll find this under the target raised

Yellow GIVE NOW Button – You’ll find this in the DONATIONS section

There is no need to be logged in to MAKE A DONATION.  Pressing one of the three buttons will allow you or your supporters to MAKE A DONATION. From the circles containing pre-set amounts eg £10, £20, etc, select the exact amount that you’d like to DONATE by pressing one of these circles.

If you’d like to DONATE a different amount, select the CUSTOM CIRCLE right at the top.  Simply type in the amount that you’d like to DONATE and press the circle!

Anonymous Donations

There is a section where you or your donors have the option to make an ANONYMOUS donation by ticking the associated box.  If you or your donors tick this box your/their name won’t be displayed on the fundraising page. Walk the Walk will not receive any personal details about the donor.  

What to do with cash or cheque payments (Offline)

Please note: You will need to be signed into your account to make an OFFLINE DONATION (cash or cheque payment).

Cash Donation – If you receive a CASH DONATION towards your fundraising, or wish to donate to yourself, you can pay this onto your fundraising page.  The simplest way is to make a card payment and keep the cash.  

Please note:  Unless the cash payment is your own money, it can’t be gift aided.

Cheque Donation – If you are given a cheque, or get matched funding, it’s possible to make an OFFLINE PAYMENT on your fundraising page.  Go to the DONATIONS box on the right and click GIVE NOW. Select the OFFLINE OPTION and follow the instructions. After you’ve made the OFFLINE DONATION on your fundraising page, cheques should be made payable to Walk the Walk Worldwide and sent to Walk the Walk, 6 Genesis Business Park, Albert Drive, Woking, Surrey, GU21 5RW with your name and the challenge on the reverse. 

Gift Aid

Gift Aid can only be claimed by people who work in the UK and pay income tax. You can only claim Gift Aid donations up to the total amount of tax you pay in a year, eg children do not usually qualify for Gift Aid because they don’t pay tax.

Sharing Your page

To share your page with your friends and family press the blue SHARE button, you can now choose your social media of choice, WhatsApp or copy the URL to paste into an email. 

You can copy your fundraising URL link by pressing the COPY LINK ICON. You can also copy the URL from the BROWSER.

Top tip!:  You need to make sure that you’re logged into your SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT

QR code

You can also receive donations by downloading a QR CODE which, if scanned, will lead straight onto your fundraising page. eg you can paste a QR CODE onto a poster or stick it on a collection tub. 

Phone Donations

The CharityGo App

Downloading the CharityGo App allows you to turn your mobile phone into a card reader and it can take contactless donations.  See separate instructions on how to download here. This App isn’t compatible with phones older than 2018.

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