Boost The Success of Your Fundraiser with Fundraising Extras

You’d be amazed the amount of money and breast cancer awareness you can raise by adding on a few fundraising extras before your charity marathon

Ticket sales are an important part of many fundraisers but you can increase the money raised as well as increase the fun level by having additional games, stalls and attractions! You’d be amazed the difference it can make adding on a few fundraising extras!

These can range from the old favourite of a raffle to guess the weight of the cake or the number of sweets in a jar, find the hidden treasure and so many more!

Don't just take our word for it... Jenny and Sarah blogged all about their fundraising success...

"We did various cards including pure Disney characters, Disney Villains, Star Wars & Muppets (both owned by Disney) and we raised £1,000."  

Major fundraisers can be enhanced by holding an auction. This can either be a live auction with an auctioneer or a silent auction. Whichever format you opt for good prizes are a must, so it’s worth approaching local businesses and organisations for donations. You can group smaller prizes together to make a great one and get that bidding going!

Ideas for Fundraising Extras


Tombola (bottle or otherwise)

Heads and tails game (great for after dinner) or Higher/Lower

Live auction (with an auctioneer) or Silent auction (the amount of the bid is written down)

Sealed bid auction (the highest bid in a sealed envelope wins)

Guess the weight of the cake/ number of sweets/ name of the teddy etc

Find the hidden treasure (on a map) x marks the spot

Quiz sheet (for a charge or donation give people a quiz sheet with 10 to 20 questions)

Puzzle sheet (create or use a sudoku/crossword, word search puzzle etc)

Second hand book stall/toys/bric-a-brac

Selling Walk the Walk badges/bracelets

Collection tin by exit

Photo booth

Sell extra clues at a quiz night

Pin the tail on the donkey

Closest to the bottle (roll a pound)

Face painting/temporary tattoo

Sweet or food for sale eg ice creams, cake, etc

Lucky dip


If you would like some support to make the most of your Fundraising Event, please get in touch with our Fundraising Team, they're happy to help.

Jan, Polla and Claire
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