Training plans

When you enter a Walk the Walk challenge, we want to make sure you have everything you need from information on diet, advice on footwear, walking technique and our unique Training Plans that will help you to get walking fit to meet your goal!


These plans have been created by our founder Nina who has had years of experience and success in helping more than 450,000 walkers train for our challenges and cross the Finish Line, Distances from 5K  to 10 miles on our Camino 100, and everything in between. From the many comments we receive, we would say that they are exactly what you need to help you attain the level of fitness you need to reach your chosen goal.

When should I start training?

The plans linked below give just a 5 week taster, and will also allow you to start walking now ahead of the official start of the full 12 week plan.

The full plan is 12 weeks in length and is an ideal starting point for those who feel that they are of normal fitness levels. However, if you are just starting a fitness programme, we would suggest adding on a few weeks beforehand. Take a look at some Marathon Training Tips here.

A guide...

Training for The MoonWalk London officially begins in mid-February and covers a 12 week plan, unless you are doing Over the Moon in which case it is 16 weeks. But really we advise that you don’t wait and that you really will benefit from being active and walking some distance every day. Particularly if you have never done anything like this before, and if you are unfit at this time. 

Be your own judge, feel free to do any of the weeks more than once before moving on, repeating the 5 weeks, or even increasing the distances yourself as your fitness develops. There are 3 plans currently, the MAD2, the Half Marathon Plus and the Full Marathon. Official Training for The MoonWalk begins on the weekend of

The official MoonWalk London Training Plan starts on 23/24 February 2024 and for  the MoonWalk Scotland on 15/16 June 2024

Please note:

The MoonWalk is not a race and you should go at your own pace. With thousands of people around you, you are likely to be slower than on your training walks. The below is a guide to help with your fitness and have something to aim for. As for the MoonWalk London and Scotland there is no time limit... we are there until the last walker crosses the Finish Line.

Full Marathon Plan

  • To use this plan you must be able to walk 3 miles at a constant and steady pace of approximately 18 - 20 minutes per mile. If you are not quite ready, start with the first weeks of the Half Marathon training plan.
  • The goal is to complete 14 minute miles, or less, and complete a Marathon in approximately 6 hours.
  • The plan below is the first 5 weeks of the 12 week Training Plan
  • You can download this here

Half Marathon Plan

  • To use this plan you must be able to walk 2 miles at a constant pace of 18-20 minutes per mile. If you are not able to do this yet, start with walking as far as you can until you are up to 2 miles and then repeat the first week as many times as necessary.
  • The goal is to complete a Half Marathon in 3 hours - walking approximately 13-15 minute miles.
  • The plan below is the first 5 weeks of the 12 week Training Plan
  • You can download this here 

Mad2 Walking Plan

  • Start by Walking, check out our MAD2 plan - walk 2 miles per day, from dawn to dusk... every step counts!
  • MAD2... Two Miles A Day... Makes A Difference!
  • Let us know how you achieve your MAD2… get ready… you would be MAD not to do it!

Summer Walking Guide

  • Summer months are when many of us get to have some time out, let our hair down and head for the open road.
  • With this in mind, we have created a Walk the Walk Summer Walking Guide which covers different types of Walking that you can try out over the next few weeks!
  • No matter where you find yourself this summer, up mountains, down on the beach or even staying at home, this is an ideal, easygoing plan to fit around any holiday or staycation, whilst starting out on your path to Walk the Walk fitness. Get yours here!
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