No fundraising events… means no money… Charities are in the hands of their supporters!

All our lives have been affected in some way over the past 9 months, and none more so than those with cancer.

Walk the Walk like many other charities, have been unable to hold events and fundraise in the traditional way, and as a result many are grappling with technology to find new methods of raising funds and are on their knees fighting for survival. 

Statistics show that doctors have seen 60% less referrals than usual, many cancer patients are not receiving their treatments, or are experiencing severe delays, loneliness through self-isolation and facing treatments alone is affecting many; cancer treatment is in crisis… there has never been such a need to look at how we fundraise in a new way and to look at what can be done to try to turn the tide for the benefit of all!  

Most charities including Walk the Walk, have come to rely on raising a substantial part of their annual income through mass participation events, from small fundraisers to larger national events such as the MoonWalk that annually raises over £5 million, or the London Marathon that raises in excess of £60 million for UK charities.

The Virtual world has zoomed into all our lives offering vital connections for work and pleasure, and with it the Virtual Event. Although this relatively new phenomena has helped, and in the case of the London Marathon succeeded in raising £16 million... it is just 24% of what they would expect to raise in a normal year and that loss experienced by all charities is being felt. 

All charities from large national charities such as Macmillan to small regional ones have been hit hard, forecasting huge decreases in income, at a time when cancer patients need support more than ever before as they wait for lifesaving procedures.

Now really is the time to review how charities and their supporters should look at the future of fundraising and recognise that one size does not fit all, you don’t need to wait until you take on a challenge, there are multiple options that really can make a difference, to the donor and the benefitting charity.

When you are touched or moved by the moment or the cause, a single one off donation can really be a powerful part of something big!

Being a part of something, no matter how fleeting, captures the imagination and satisfies the donor with the desire to help. We saw this with Captain Tom’s amazing campaign that inspired the country to raise £100 million for the NHS.

The input of that bit of spare cash and a £1.00 or so should never be underestimated. For many charities, this raises approximately 10%* of their total income. There are many active appeals that are currently asking their supporters for donations of any amounts to get them through these difficult times. The community is rising to the challenge in innovative ways big and small, by digging deep, donating their commute costs, their daily coffees or money they would usually spend on a night out, and for this we are incredibly grateful… but with connected and conscious thought by including friends, family and colleagues, it could be so much more! 

Making a monthly donation allows for a more meaningful relationship…

Subscriptions and monthly payments are part of our everyday life whether it is to Netflix or to pay your gas bill. So, monthly giving to a charity is just the same, spreading out the cost over a series of months. It can be as little as £3.00 so it doesn’t have to break the bank... or as much as you like... and with Gift Aid it will be increased by 25%. It is a really easy way of giving for people, who not only want to help others, but who really want to get behind the cause and to engage in a much more meaningful and engaged relationship with the organisation and supports the whole experience and aims of the charity.

The benefit to the charity is the precious continuity which allows them to plan ahead for the services they provide. In Walk the Walks case, for much needed research and for integrated care supporting the emotional and physical needs of those living with cancer. For the donor, it is satisfying knowing that each month you are making a growing and tangible difference to a much better future.

in 2019 monthly giving accounted for around 20%* of the total fundraising in many charities, so has a really important part to play.

Barbara Penfold, a regular WTW supporter explained why she set up a monthly giving plan:

“When I heard that the MoonWalk, and the other WTW events, would be postponed, I knew just how hard the charity would be hit financially and wanted to try to do something to help.  I noticed on the website that it would be possible for me to make a monthly donation and this seemed like a really good idea. It was very easy to set up, and I hope it's helping a little.” 

What will your legacy of life be?

For many, talking about wills and life expectancy can be a bit uncomfortable and tricky at the best of times, and anyway who really wants to think about that… but no matter what age you are, wouldn’t it be quite fantastic to know that you were leaving an amazing gift that would survive long after you, and would really benefit generations to come… now that really would be a legacy of your life!

Gifts left in wills is a growing and important part of charitable income which many charities have come to rely on. Last year an average of 36%* was donated this way, making a huge difference to the ongoing funding of ground breaking and innovative research that will benefit the future health of all.

But if you thought it was difficult and don’t know where to begin… think again, it is really easy, Walk the Walk, like some other charities, aim to make it as simple as possible and offers a free service that costs you absolutely nothing now, and whilst you would obviously want to look after those closest to you first, even 1% left to charity is going to make a difference. 

So all food for thought, but don’t think for too long… with the lack of events and ability to fundraise these are really important ways that Walk the Walk can do its bit to help keep the cancer services and support that we are used to from disappearing when we need it most

To make a one off donation click here; to make a monthly or quarterly donation click here; and for more information on leaving a gift in your will and free wills click here.

If you have any questions or would like more information, contact [email protected]

Please help us to stop cancer treatment retreating and help Walk the Walk survive the current difficult situation. All donations will be gratefully received.

*Figures quoted are average and taken from the Chartered Institute of Fundraising’s Charity Benchmarks report 2019.



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