Webinars by Dr Marilyn Glenville

Dr Marilyn Glenville, the UK's leading nutritionist and best-selling author, provides specialist advice that has featured in Walk the Walk information for many years. We are thrilled that she has offered to host a series of six webinars. Marilyn will personally share her invaluable experience on a range of health topics, that commonly affect us all, as well as raising vital funds for the charity.

A large part of the ethos and aims of Walk the Walk is to look at how we can all live fitter and healthier lives. It is with great excitement that we are able to bring the first of 6 special webinars from Dr Marilyn Glenville. She will be sharing her knowledge and expert advice that will not only allow us to do the things we want in life, but to also protect ourselves against disease and ill health.

Over 6 Webinars Dr Marilyn Glenville, with a few guests, will be covering a variety of topics that affect most of us in some way. They will provide natural solutions that really can make a difference to your quality of life as well as openly discussing a number of health issues along with time to answer your questions!

50% of all ticket sale proceeds will be directly donated to Walk the Walk to help us continue granting funds to support women and men living with breast and other cancers.

We welcome you and look forward to meeting soon!

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Webinar 2 - Exploding The Diet Myths - How To Lose Weight And Stay Healthy Without Dieting  

Speakers: Marilyn Glenville will be joined by Nutritional Therapist Helen Ford who will be giving a live cookery demonstration.

Join the UK’s leading nutritionist Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD for this live webinar and you will discover why diets don’t work and what you can do that does. Are you still counting calories? Do calories matter and are all calories equal? Paleo versus keto versus intermittent fasting – do they work? Should you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet?

Dr Glenville will explain how effective these diets are for weight loss and how to keep yourself healthy on them. Does the timing of your food make a difference? – The answer may surprise you. Think of a number diet 5:2, 16:8, 12:12 – confused yet?

This webinar will sort out the confusion and show you how to eat if your weight is piling on and especially around your middle which can also increase your risk of breast cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

Find out what nutrients can help you to lose weight faster and what exercise works best. Find out more here. 

Join the Cooking Demonstration

Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD will be joined by Helen Ford BA, Dip ION, senior nutritionist and resident foodie at the Glenville Nutrition Clinic. Helen will be giving a live cookery demonstration of delicious and healthy foods that you will want to cook for yourself, and can help you to achieve your weight loss.  You will receive the recipes in advance of the webinar so you can join Helen cooking in real time, as well as after the event.

"I am genuinely delighted to be a supporter of Walk the Walk as it is a charity close to my heart. I have worked in clinical practice for over 35 years and through my Glenville Nutrition Clinics which specialise in women’s health, my team and I have supported many, many women on their journey to get their health back following diagnosis and treatment. Working on prevention through good health is a key part of our work too but for those who are affected by breast cancer, knowing that Walk the Walk is there to support with funding where it is most needed is an essential lifeline to many." -Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD, The UK’s leading nutritionist specialising in women’s health. The Glenville Nutrition Clinics.

Webinar 3 - 12 Steps to Transform Your Life Naturally 

Dr Marilyn Glenville, Walk the Walk Founder and Chief Executive Nina Barough, plus Lindsay Nicholson, former Editorial Director of Good Housekeeping Magazine.

Join this webinar and find out how to use food, vitamins and minerals to increase your energy, eliminate mood swings, improve your memory, reduce stress and, improve your immune function

Here Dr Glenville will give you simple practical tips that you can start using straight away in your life to help you feel better and in good health both now and in the future.

In this webinar you will discover everything you need to know about:

  • What foods to eat and what to avoid to keep you feeling healthy and well
  • How what you eat can decrease your risk of cancer especially breast cancer
  • How you can improve your memory and reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia
  • Improving your sleep
  • Reducing stress
  • What vitamins, minerals and herbs you should be taking and which ones are a waste of money
  • What tests are useful to get you back into good health now and to work on prevention.

Dr Glenville will be joined by Nina Barough CBE the Founder and CEO of Walk the Walk, and Lindsay Nicholson, former Editorial Director of Good Housekeeping Magazine. Science has now proven that our lifestyle choices and being active are fundamental to good health and prevention against not only breast cancer, but all disease. With walking being the easiest, most accessible way of being active Nina will be sharing how to fit essential walking into our busy lives, as well as sharing the many health benefits that walking can offer.

Marilyn and Nina’s guest, Lindsay Nicholson, now an avid walker herself, will be sharing her own experience of the impact that walking has had on her life. Find out more here.    

"Dr Marilyn Glenville’s specialist advice has featured in Walk the Walk information for many years, so we are thrilled that she has offered to host a series of six webinars. Marilyn will personally share her invaluable experience on a range of health topics, that commonly affect us all, as well as raising vital funds for the charity.

Each webinar will include a wealth of information, ideas, tips, help and advice on how to make the best choices for a natural and healthy life.

Glenville Nutrition and Walk the Walk share a similar ethos, and it is incredibly special that we can combine forces that will allow Walk the Walk to not only help fund vital research into breast cancer, support those living with cancer, but to also look at ways to promote good health and well-being to all, as the key means of prevention against disease" -Nina Barough CBE, Founder and Chief Executive of Walk the Walk Worldwide

Webinar 4 - Balance your hormones naturally!  

PMS, Menopause, PCOS, Cravings and More... find out how to balance your hormones naturally

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to hear Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD, the UK’s leading nutritionist and specialist in female health, talk about issues that affect every female in some way, no matter what your age.

Your hormones have an enormous impact on your lives in many ways. This webinar is packed with information including how to increase your energy, eliminate mood swings, get rid of cravings, improve your memory, reduce stress, anxiety, tension and irritability and use your diet and lifestyle to balance your hormones.

Find out how to get rid of PMS, balance hormones to help with endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, fertility, perimenopause, menopause and reduce your risk of breast cancer.

Also, have you ever wondered if soya was safe to eat - cutting through the myths and explaining how phytoestrogens work? Discover what chemicals are in your toiletries and cosmetics and how the environment may be affecting your hormones? Learn what vitamins, minerals and herbs you should be taking to balance hormones and how to know which ones are a waste of money.

The good news is that with better lifestyle choices you can change your life, this is one webinar not to be missed! Find out more here!

In short Dr Glenville will explain:

  • The most important dietary steps that all women should know to help balance their hormones
  • The best and most supportive foods to eat to balance your hormones including PMS, menopause, PCOS, fertility, fibroids and endometriosis
  • The truth about soya and phytoestrogens are they good or bad for you?
  • The effects of foreign oestrogens coming in from our environment, how do we recognise them and what can we do to avoid them.
  • How beneficial bacteria in your digestive system balance your hormones
  • What vitamins, minerals and herbs help balance your hormones naturally

This is one webinar that could change your life, it's not to be missed!

More Webinars to come... watch this space!

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