Instructions on how to pay cash donations to your fundraising page

Follow these simple instructions below...

1. Visit your Fundraising Page and press the Donate button which is underneath your totaliser.

2. Choose how much you want to pay in – type in the type and amount if it’s not one of the options listed. Press Next.

3. Choose to leave a % of your donation as a voluntary gift. If you do not wish to leave one then click on the drop-down and choose Other and type 0 in the box. Press next.

4. Enter your email address or login using your Facebook, Twitter or Google Account. Press Next.

5. Fill in your details and agree to the T&C’s and press next.

6. Type in the message box “Cash Donations” or list the names of the people who gave you the cash. Press Next.

7. Select “No, please do not gift aid this donation”. As these are cash donations from other people you cannot claim gift aid here. But you can send us the sponsor forms in the post, or email [email protected] a photo or a scan of your forms. Press Next to then fill in your card details.

8. Once you filled in your card details and pressed pay. your donation has now gone through and it will be showing on your fundraising page. You will also receive a receipt for your donation via email that you can share with your sponsors if you wish.

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