The Inca Trail Peru 2020

The Inca Trail Peru

22 June - 1 July 2020 |
Location: Peru

Distance: Trek (44 Km)

Grading: 4

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Discover the lost City of the Incas...

Join Walk the Walk in 2020 on one of the new Seven Wonders of the World!

The Inca Trail will take you through 44km of the most stunning landscapes that you will ever experience from the alpine cloud forests into the Amazonian rainforest, arriving at the Sun Gate, giving you the first magnificent glimpse of Machu Picchu, the Incas lost city above the clouds. 

This is not only a trek that will reach a personal goal and will raise money for vital breast cancer causes but an opportunity to experience Peruvian culture on this 10 day challenge of a lifetime!

Places on this iconic trek are in high demand, with only limited permits given each day... so don't wait, sign up for your Peruvian adventure!


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This journey has been life changing. Peru stole our hearts, our group enlightened our souls.- Gill

Experience Peru...

Your journey into Peru will begin from the moment you arrive in the bustling capital Lima, where you will be thrust into the vibrant culture and colours of this amazing country.  

After a brief stay in Lima, you will fly to the famous city of Cusco, once the centre of the Incan Empire, where you will spend time acclimatising to the altitude before your Challenge. Here, you will explore the Sacred Valley and visit a small Peruvian community where you can learn a little about their day to day life, history and culture, whilst they enjoy preparing a delicious home cooked meal for their Walk the Walk guests. 

You will enjoy the atmosphere and spectacle of the Inti Raymi, the largest Inca festival in South America, held in honour of the winter solstice... a wonderful celebration of the sun and mother earth. Enjoy the parades, storytelling and traditional dress of communities from across South America. There is just so much to see and enjoy!

Then onwards to... The Inca Trail!

Follow in the footsteps of the Incas

The Inca Trail is shrouded in ancient mystery as you trek 44km along this famous trail towards the Sun Gate and the lost city of the Incas. This 4 day Challenge where you will be walking at altitude across a variety of terrain is no mean feat, but you will be rewarded with a magical combination of archaeological ruins, mountainscapes, cloud forests and jungle fauna.

Whilst on the trail, you will be sleeping under canvas in two person tents. Each day porters will carry your Kit Bags to the next camp, whilst our guides will accompany you on the trail, providing lots of wonderful information which only adds to the magic of this incredible adventure.  

Following the Inca Trail you will be staying in the village Aguas Calientes, and in complete contrast enjoy the very special comforts of your hotel where you can relax and unwind.

This is not only a personal challenge of a lifetime, where you will experience a new and exciting culture but you will also be raising money for vital breast cancer causes, which together makes this a completely unforgettable adventure!

Is this the Challenge for me?

The Inca Trail is for anyone, the more prepared you are, the more it will allow you to enjoy the experience.

Whilst it is a trek and not a Power Walk, Walk the Walk grade this at a Footprint Level 4 and due to the challenging terrain and altitude, strongly advise that anyone taking on this Challenge commits to our Training Plan provided.

The Inca Trail was incredible! Challenging but stunning & an amazing group of people to walk with... very special memories.- Sara

Would you like to stay longer?

Why not extend your challenge and stay for 4 extra days in the Amazon Rainforest to discover more.

Journey to the jungle which will give you the opportunity to see an abundant array of wildlife... with river journeys and night walks all tucked away under the jungle canopy, this is a real Amazonian rainforest Adventure! 


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