MoonWalk Scotland Over The Moon 2020

Over The Moon Ultra

June 6th 2020 |
Location: Holyrood Park, Edinburgh

Distance: Over The Moon Ultra (52.4 Miles)

Grading: 5

Registration opening: Register your Interest!

Registration fee: £79

Minimum sponsorship: £350

Double the distance and go Over The Moon!

52.4 miles in just 14 hours!

Take on not just one marathon at The MoonWalk Scotland, but two marathons and all within 14 hours... see the beautiful city of Edinburgh not once, but twice... once by night, and once by day, a very different experience indeed!

The Over The Moon Challenge is Walk the Walk's very own unique ultra-marathon and the longest MoonWalk distance... and within a tough target time, this is the ultimate MoonWalk endurance challenge!


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Thanks to the organisers, volunteers, people of Edinburgh and fellow Moonwalkers for making it a night to remember.- Dianne

The MoonWalk Ultra Marathon!

As thousands of MoonWalker’s descend into Holyrood Park in all their bra glory, you will be one of a very special and exclusive Team… a Team in black and white striped caps. Get ready to take on this ultra-marathon! 

All our ‘Over The Moon Challengers’ lead our MoonWalkers over of the Start Line and once the starting horn sounds, the clock starts ticking and you have 14 hours to complete two marathons. Your reward is not just one fantastic MoonWalk Scotland medal, but a second, and may we say… a stunning Over The Moon medal! But just to be clear, you will only get the second medal if you finish within 14 hours.

It's a tough, but amazing challenge, it will test even the strongest of Power Walkers... dig deep and get a wiggle on... join the ultimate MoonWalking ultra-marathon!


Is this the challenge for you?

The Over The Moon, 52.4 miles within 14 hours, is no mean feat (well let’s hope not). The training for this challenge is intense and includes Walking distances on consecutive days. By following the Training Plan provided, you will be covering over 400 miles in your training. You should be aiming for 13-14 minute miles in order to meet the time frame!

Our Unique Challenges Team will be supporting you in the lead up to the challenge with advice on how you can achieve this goal! All you need is a commitment to training and to believe that you can do it... trust us, it is more than achievable and definitely worth it!

Thanks to everyone who sponsored me. My first Over The Moon, 52.4 miles. I completed the walk in 13hrs 49m.- Rod

Part of the 2019 Team?

Congratulations... you and the Team have raised an amazing £35,962 so far! Thank you for uniting with us against breast cancer and helping to make a difference!

If you have any questions about The Over the Moon challenge, please get in contact with the Unique Challenges Team.

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