1. How to enter

  1. Step 1
  2. Step 2
  3. I want to be in a Team with others walking for other charities?
  4. Reserved place for The MoonWalk London
  1. Step 1

    Step 1: You need to choose your challenge and registration type with the organisers, Action Challenge, but before you do, please read the below:

    • Enter and complete your registration details and your chosen distance 
    • The form asks for a start time, please select the slot as '07.00am - 08.00am' (further information below)
    • Continue to complete the registration form

    Our team will all start together at 07.30, this time has been carefully selected; we really believe that this is the best time to start the Challenge, as it is early enough to make the most of the daylight hours, for both the 100km and Half Way Challenge Walkers. 

    If you would prefer to start at a different time to the above, you are able to do this; however, please understand that in doing so you will potentially not see the Walk the Walk Support Team on route, as we must try and support the largest amount of Walkers as possible.

    Once you have entered, we will be notified by the organisers of London 2 Brighton Challenge and then we move onto registration Step 2. 

  2. Step 2

    Once you have a place on the Challenge and we have received confirmation of your entry from the organisers, the Unique Challenges Team will be in touch in regards to the final part of registration 'Step 2' and to join the official Walk the Walk London 2 Brighton Team 2020 (this may take around a week or two). This is a short form and has a Walker Pack Fee of £40. The fee covers the cost of all the items in your Walker Packs and support.

    However, this Walker Pack Fee is refundable, depending on how much you fundraise. 

  3. I want to be in a Team with others walking for other charities?

    Joining this Challenge as a Team is a great idea and it is possible to join as a Team with others Walking for different charities.

    We recommend that all of the Team members register with Walk the Walk as those Walkers who do not register with us will not receive our fabulous support in the lead up to the event and beyond.  

  4. Reserved place for The MoonWalk London

    As part of your entry into London 2 Brighton Challenge 2020, you will also have a reserved place for The MoonWalk London 2020.

    To claim this reserved place:

    • Enter London 2 Brighton Challenge with Walk the Walk.
    • The Unique Challenge Team will then email a link to an online entry form to enter The MoonWalk London 2020.
    • Register and pay for your place in The MoonWalk London.
    • You will also need to fundraise £100 for The MoonWalk London on top of your fundraising for London 2 Brighton Challenge of £595/£299 for 100km or £395/£199 for the Half Way Challenge.
    • There is no guarantee of which start you will be placed in for The MoonWalk London over and above the usual placement of Walkers in the start groups. 

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