How many people can we get to Iceland?

Register your Interest now and we will be in touch with launch details

Register your Interest now and we will be in touch with launch details

Celebrate the MoonWalk Road Trip

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  • Calendar

    Date TBC

  • Distance

    3 daily distances - you choose when and how far!

  • Location

    Virtually - London, via Edinburgh and on to Iceland!

  • Requirements

    Take part as an individual, a family or even as a virtual Team!

Register your Interest now and we will be in touch with launch details

Join us anytime throughout our virtual MoonWalk Celebration 'Road Trip'

  • MAD2

    Walk 2 miles daily - 58 miles!


    Walk 3 miles daily - 87 miles!


    Walk & cycle 5 miles - 145 miles!

  • PICK 'N' MIX

    Pick 'n' mix your own distance

Celebrate with Walk the Walk… you choose how!

£Free to enter

No minimum fundraising, just do what you can. Thank you

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Virtually walk from London, via Scotland to Iceland!

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WOW… What an incredible #wtwroadtrip adventure… a huge THANK YOU for being part of It… you are all just overwhelmingly amazing!

New Virtual Adventure coming soon... Register your Interest above!

Our incredible iconic MoonWalks in London, Scotland and Iceland are all on hold for the time being as we await government guidelines and for new dates to be confirmed by the authorities.

In the meantime, how could we possibly let these special times that mean so much to so many, pass without a fun celebration. What better way than for all our MoonWalkers, Volunteers, Supporters and Staff to set off on a grand virtual road trip from Clapham Common in London and as the crow flies, walk all the way to magical Lake Myvatn in Iceland! Get this... that means every 1,190 miles gets one person to the Finish Line!

We will be setting off on our 29 day journey, starting on May 16th from London, arriving in Edinburgh on June 6th and finishing in Lake Myvatn Iceland, for our grand celebration on June 13th. 

All you have to do is decide on your daily distance. Choose to walk or you may find adding a bit of cycling on your road trip will take you further. Create your fundraising page (optional) and then get going in your garden or local area! This is for everyone... let's have fun... let’s unite together for those with cancer, their needs don't stop.

With every mile you walk, you really will be helping us to make a difference to those living with cancer, when they need us most.

For more information see below and if you need any help, then please get in touch.

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I'm getting a team together and can't wait to celebrate the MoonWalks!

What is the MoonWalk Celebration Road Trip?

This is a challenge to celebrate our flagship events The MoonWalks... it is not to replace The MoonWalks but to acknowledge 3 important dates in the Walk the Walk calendar.


  • London 16th May / Scotland 6 June / Iceland 13 June
  • A total time of 29 days
  • As a road trip it is going as the crow flies and covers 1,190 miles from Clapham Common to Holyrood (380 miles), Holyrood to Lake Myvatn (809.70)


How does it work?


Walkers can choose from 4 options, which include:

  1. MAD2 each day – Walking 2 miles a day for 29 days you would walk 58 miles - this can only be walking
  2. 3 miles a day for 29 days is 87 miles - this can only be walking
  3. 5 miles a day for 29 days is 145 miles - can be a combination of walking 2 miles and 3 miles cycling
  4. Pick 'n' mix your own distance and time - You can pick your own time that you want to be taking on the challenge, a day, days, weeks or the entire 29 days and also when e.g. starting on Holyrood and arriving in Iceland.

Every 1,190 miles gets one person to the Finish Line... so, how many people can we get to Iceland?

MoonWalk Celebration Road Trip... how can you join?

  1. Choose your distance!
  2. Set up your fundraising page for Walk the Walk (optional) 
  3. Make sure you add the distance you are doing in your story on your online fundraising page
  4. Ask all your friends and family to sponsor you. 
  5. Complete your part of the journey
  6. Share pictures or videos of your challenge on social media using the official hashtag #wtwcelebrate 


If you don't feel in the mood to fundraise then a donation is hugely welcome!

As a grant making charity, many breast cancer charities across the UK depend on our support and we are already seeing an increase in the demands for grants. Those living with cancer and those just being diagnosed are having a tough time, not least living with the fear of not getting treatment they need or going through treatment alone because of self-isolation, as well as the fear of becoming ill.

Support Walk the Walk by joining our 'Road Trip' and celebrations and help us to really make a difference to those living with cancer, when they need us most. 

If you need any help, then please get in touch.

Fabulous fundraising ideas

Every penny really does count, so if you have already just been raising money for us... fundraising is optional... but cancer does not go away, so if you are not able to fundraise, maybe you could make even a small donation, or are in a position to set up a monthly giving page, or even create a legacy. There are lots of ways that even the smallest amount can make a big difference to those that need it.


Here are some top tips to get you going...



  • Make sure you set up your online fundraising page and upload a photo. After all, you want people to see it’s you and this can this increase your total fundraising by up to 10%.
  • Tell your story –  if people know why you are taking on this challenge and fundraising... they are far more likely to dig deep!
  • Say thank you – it’s only polite!
  • Update your page with how your challenge is progressing and don’t forget photos – sponsors like to see how you're getting on... after all, they have a vested interest!
  • Share your page regularly with friends and family, by Facebook, Email, Instagram and WhatsApp... let them share in your fun!

Other fundraising

Please ensure that you follow Government guidance on social distancing and essential journeys.

  • This is your chance to put your craft skills to use! Making cakes, jams and pickles, bracelets, fudge, whatever you enjoy! Promote on Facebook and community websites for donations.
  • Many people would love a customised face mask (follow government guidelines!) So use up those left over scraps of material or cut up old clothes and check out the many patterns, and ways to make them, by asking Mr Google. Some don’t even need to be sewn!
  • Offer to walk a neighbour’s dog on your daily walk. Some dogs need a lot of exercise and need to go out more than once a day!
  • Run essential errands for people who can’t get out and about like they did. Many people would welcome the opportunity to be able to make a donation for this as they don’t feel so beholden.
  • See if any of your neighbours need a helping hand in the garden, and help them out (taking care to socially distance yourself of course!)

Need more help?... get in touch here.

How will the miles be tracked?

Take a look here.

Staying safe

If your chosen challenge is outside and in a public space, it is important to follow the Government Guidelines.

Walking and Cycling Etiquette

Be kind to others whilst out on the street, just follow this simple code;

  1. Aim to keep to your side of the road and to avoid others that are walking, running or cycling.
  2. If you see someone walking, running or cycling towards you on the same side of the street, a simple hand signal ahead of getting too close, and you can agree who will cross over the road.
  3. If it is not possible to cross over or avoid the person coming towards you, stand back in a driveway or as far back as possible and let the other person go past, unless they stop and signal you to go forward.

Be kind… Be considerate… Be safe!

Signed up for a MoonWalk in 2020?

As you know, our wonderful MoonWalks are all on hold. The events will be rolled forward and we know that you are all urgently waiting for news, as are we. Currently, we do have a potential date in the Autumn and we are also looking at 2021. In both cases, we are waiting for government guidelines in relation to holding events and the earliest this has been promised is sometime in June. Just like you, we are patiently waiting for some guidance and as soon as we have any, you can be sure, we will let you all know.

In the meantime, it is of huge concern that our fundraising has almost stopped, and in turn has a huge impact on our benefiting charities, many of which are working on the front line of cancer and struggling to keep going. A lot to try and consider but at the heart of our planning is the health and well-being of our supporters and the Walk the Walk staff, without which we would not be able to consider how to go forward. Events will take place, not only when we have permission but also when we feel it is safe to do so. In the meantime, your continued support is very much appreciated no matter how small… many people can move a mountain, so I know you will be there to help us continue to make a difference where it is needed now more than ever. See more here.

Wake up with Roy Gayle...

What our Walk the Walkers are doing!

I can't wait to see where 87 miles will take me from Edinburgh?- Sara


I have always wanted to do The MoonWalk Iceland... now I can get there virtually!- Gary

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Whatever your age or ability, you can take part and join the MoonWalk 'Road Trip' for Walk the Walk.

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Thank you!


For vital breast cancer causes.

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