My MoonWalk Iceland journey…

I’m sure that in any location a MoonWalk Medal is priceless but for us it’s the memories, magical landscape, deep connections and new friendships that we will treasure.

So, if you are looking at the Iceland MoonWalk stories, I suspect you are thinking about taking part. Maybe you are looking for a little help before making the decision – so here it is: just sign up now, you won’t regret it… Still not sure? Well, I too was a little apprehensive but soon realised that the MoonWalk itself was just the final part of a wonderful experience.

In 2015 I took part in the Iceland MoonWalk as part of a team of four friends. We have been friends for almost 30 years and live some distance apart all with various demands on our time: children; parents; work to name a few. We meet up periodically and try and grab a weekend away every two years, but this year we decided the MoonWalk would be our weekend away. We were first time full MoonWalkers.

Perhaps what we hadn’t anticipated was how our training would bring us all much closer together. It had seemed daunting walking anything over 10 miles but we were fuelled and energised by the power of natter and miles and hours soon flew past. Our conversations grew from the usual quick catching up to a diverse (if not necessarily deep!) range of topics and gradually we found we were reconnected as we once had been all those years ago. We were often found hanging around at the end of these walks to finish the conversation despite having been out for hours together. If we couldn’t join the ‘team’ walk then we used live walking apps to track and cheer each other on – particularly useful when you are spread as far afield as Scotland and Kent!!

Before we knew it we were at Heathrow nervously eyeing others in their Walk the Walk T Shirts. Whilst we queued for the check in desk we were chatting with our fellow walkers and sharing stories. The support, encouragement and enthusiasm was boundless, not only from our fellow walkers but the Walk the Walk crew who were simply stunning in all they did to make this trip so special and creating a real team camaraderie. The crew seamlessly coordinated our group across Iceland ensuring we all got to see the stunning scenery and landscapes, nature up close and in your face but so peaceful and calming.

So in a blink of an eye I’d gone from signing up, through to standing on a very foggy start line with my nerves on edge and my number attached to my leg. It was chilly and an eerie light given the 24 hour daylight and the steam chutes rising from the ground. Ahead of us was the monster truck ablaze with lights and flags and the pre walk moment of silence to reflect on why we were walking still gives me goosebumps. The horn sounded at midnight and my phone buzzed with texts from our close friends cheering us on. So off we went into the magical midnight following the road around Lake Myvatn. As we progressed the pack of walkers gradually stretched out and we had times of dropping in step with others chatting away and sharing sweets, laughter and encouragement where needed. I shall never forget the sound of the support cars cruising out of the fog to cheer us on with a most eclectic playlist booming from their speakers – watching everyone spontaneously break into dance or song and see their spirits and tired legs get lighter.

Around 6am the fog started to lift and we could see the winding road and the steam points indicating the Finish Line in the distance. The small groups around us were all still laughing and chatting and the 24 hour daylight did seem to help trick my mind into forgetting I had been walking overnight. As we rounded the corner just after 7am and saw the Finish Line our emotions took over. Those last few metres had the Walk the Walk crew cheering us in with as much noise as the Olympic stadium cheering Mo Farah in 2012. It was an amazing and overwhelming team achievement. 

I’m sure that in any location a MoonWalk Medal is priceless but for us it’s the memories, magical landscape, deep connections and new friendships that we will treasure.


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