MoonWalked before and worried about fundraising again?

People love getting something for their money! A slice of cake, an evening out with friends, a beautifully mowed lawn or a new Christmas decoration...

Have you done the MoonWalk? You loved it and you would love to do it again next year, but not sure if you can do the fundraising? “I can’t approach the same people again”... we hear you say…

£100 is easier to achieve than you think! We wouldn’t want the fear of fundraising putting you off signing up for another fun Walk the Walk challenge! Let us help you!

Why don’t you have a look at our ideas below – these are tried and tested by our very own walkers and fundraisers, so they definitely work!

People love getting something for their money. It could be many things: a slice of delicious cake, an evening out with friends, a beautifully mowed lawn or a new Christmas decoration! Read all about these and much more below…

1. Cake is the answer no matter the question

Organising an event doesn’t have to be difficult or too complicated. A cake sale at work, a coffee morning in your own house.... or if you feel more adventurous, get your local pub or restaurant involved for a quiz night! Guaranteed fun for everybody, and who doesn’t love cake?!

2. Have a collection at your local supermarket

A fantastic way to approach the general public for donations… get in touch with your local supermarket for a date, make sure you get a friend on board (like everything, it is just more fun with a friend!), hire a collection bucket from Walk the Walk, wear your bra T-Shirts, pink boas, sparkly deely boppers... and be loud and proud!

“I never thought that a simple collection at my local supermarket would be so successful! I only had to give up a few hours on a Saturday morning with two of my friends – we had so much fun! And a huge bonus… raised over £200!!!” - Claire from Southampton

3. Sell something… or your time!

Do you like creating things in your free time? This is a perfect opportunity to let your creative juices flow and share your talents… you can find hundreds of ideas on Instagram or by just simply googling. Christmas or Easter decorations always go down a treat! Just don’t forget to start taking orders earlier in the year, so you have plenty of time to create your armies of penguins, reindeers or Easter chicks!

If you are not so creative, but like doing things around the house, perhaps you could offer to mow the lawn for your neighbours for a donation, or wash their cars. What a great way to talk about the charity, the cause and get to know your neighbours better!

4. Make fundraising a game!

Once you sign up (as you know) a fundraising page will be created for you automatically. After you've personalised it with a great photo and a story of why you are taking on the challenge, it is time to share! Don’t worry... you can make it fun!

Why not make it a game and get people to sponsor you for a specific mile you are undertaking... or sponsor a song for your playlist for the night or an item you will be decorating your bra with. 

Your fundraising page is also a great place to advertise your fundraising event or fundraising creations… a great reason to share the page even to those who sponsored you last year. They won’t mind!

“I decided to decorate my bra with ribbons – asked people to sponsor a ribbon for a loved one - some had a ribbon for each of their children, some wanted me to walk for someone they lost, or for someone who was fighting this terrible disease. This idea didn’t only get me to my minimum fundraising target but made my MoonWalk just that little bit more special and certainly very poignant.” - Cathy from London

Still unsure...?

If you are still unsure about being able to reach the needed fundraising, need further advice or just want to chat through your ideas with someone, just call the fundraising team on 01483 741430, or drop us an email... we would love to hear from you.

So, go on... sign up for The MoonWalk London 2020 now... you know you want to!


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