10 Top Tips to help you smash your charity marathon fundraising

Don't forget the Walk the Walk Fundraising Team have lots more ideas, so do get in touch, or visit our website on how to smash your target!

Are you worried about reaching your fundraising target? Not sure where or how to start? Take a look at our Ten Top Tips below and watch those donations come flooding in! 

Have fun! 

1. Use your fundraising page like a blog, and post photos and comments about your training. You can then share the page regularly, updating your friends and family on your progress. No need to ask for money, your page will do it for you! Kick-start your fundraising by sponsoring yourself £20 on your page and setting the standard.

2. Buy some pin badges from our online Walk the Walk shop to sell, or declutter and use EBay or your local car boot sale to make money from your pre-loved items.

3. Offer to clean windows, walk dogs, water gardens, wash cars or any other little jobs that neighbours will be happy to pay a donation for.

4. Get crafty! If you enjoy arts and crafts this is your chance to make cards, Christmas decorations, stuffed animals, biscuits, Easter egg cosies, the list is endless! Be creative and share your creations on Facebook.

5. Coffee mornings – Socially distanced or Virtual!
Socially distanced - hold the event in your house, garden or a convenient open space. Do erect a gazebo in case the sun doesn’t smile! Invite your guests on a rolling rota so as not to exceed government guidelines. Make or buy cakes, have a raffle and a couple of little games.
Virtual – Invite your friends and family to join you virtually and send out a Zoom, 8x8 or other website invitation for them to join you. Hold a small quiz, or do a baking tutorial.  You could raffle or auction off your services for a later date, either something you’re good at or the winner chooses! Share your online page for donations and watch them roll in!

6. Alternatively, set up a small stall in the front of your house for your guests to come and purchase your goodies, or do doorstep deliveries of your scrummy cakes!

7. Virtual Quizzes are also popular... there are many questions to be found on Google and as the evenings draw in people will be looking for ways of being entertained. You could even make it a regular weekly date with donations to take part!

8. Be original... think of something different to do as people will be more likely to support you. Why not invite people to join you on your regular walks and show them what you have discovered about your neighbourhood!

9. Whatever you’re doing, have lots of little extras! Why not add a raffle, bingo, guess the number of sweets in the jar etc, to help bump up the donations.

10. Give up something you love... for sponsorship of course! Chocolate, alcohol, cake, sweets, smoking, talking... the choice is yours!

And finally...

The Walk the Walk fundraising team have lots more ideas, so do get in touch, or check out the website for our seasonal ideas on how to smash your target!



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