Missing your Event Pack?

If you have not yet received your Event Pack then please fill out the form below. Before you do please make sure you have checked with your local post office, behind the dustbin or with the neighbour. They get left everywhere!

If you have not received your Event Pack (T-shirt, Cap, Bra and Space Blanket) then please complete the form below, or call our Walker Support Team on 01483 741430, as soon as possible. 

Please do not worry you will still be able to take part. We will replace the walker number, just let us know on the form below and we will let you know the next steps.

  • Unfortunately, as each T-shirt, cap and bra is ordered on an individual basis and due to the costs involved, we don't send out new Event Packs so... make sure that you have double checked with your post/sorting office and also that they have not left you a card. We appreciate that this is an extra effort on your behalf but we ask you to do this as so many are found that way. Also, check with neighbours and in bins or under shrubs - experience tells us that your postman may have left your pack anywhere!
  • Sometimes we have spare hats and t-shirts (unfortunately not bras) and we will make these available to collect at the Help Desk on the night.
  • If you have moved and not notified us of your new address (or not in time for the Event Packs going out), then we won't have been able to send the pack to your new address, so please contact your old address to find out if the pack is there, or if the postman has left a card there. If the pack is there, or if the postman has left a card there, please make arrangements to obtain your pack from your old address.
  • We are also unable to change the T-shirt or bra if you have received the size that you requested when you completed your entry form.
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