Training for your breast cancer charity walk - everything aches

Training for a Walk the Walk breast cancer charity walk can cause aches and pains but we have lots of hints and tips to help you complete your marathon!

Neck, lower back, knee shin and well… just everywhere aches…!

Some of you may have underlying issues that will be exacerbated over the training period. But this is a training period and not the challenge itself. You need to train and iron out any kinks now so that “x” hours you spend walking at the challenge are achievable.

It’s commonly spoken about… we have terrible posture… and don’t exercise enough. Too much PC work, slouching in front of the TV or just laziness all contribute to us not keeping ourselves upright and working our core muscles…

In fact… as you are sitting there now… breathe in… and straighten up!

In turn, this poor posture starts to put pressure on all jointed areas of our body as it tries to compensate. Normally we may notice or we may have a grumble about a stiff neck or bad back… however… start Power Walking and these issues become more than a grumble. So what can be done?

• Be body aware… pay attention to your body. For example, if the pain you feel in your knee gets worse as you speed up, then hold back for a few more training walks and try again.
• Are you warming up… Honestly? Really – what 10-15 minutes before you start off and then again for a few minutes after you’ve been walking for 5-10 minutes?
• Are you cooling down… 10 minutes of light stretching after walking… this is a must!
• Are you pushing yourself too far and/or too fast… be kind to yourself, it’s a marathon, not a race!
• Get yourself checked by a Chiropractor… have a massage… too expensive or left field? Then stretch every night before bed and every morning when you get up. You can stretch anywhere… Calf stretches at the kitchen sink for example… there’s always time… just use your imagination!

And remember, whilst Walk the Walk has lots of experience in helping Walkers cross the Finish Line… we are not Doctors! Make sure you speak with a professional if you have a condition that you are worried about!

We hope that this has helped point you in the right direction! If you need any more help or have any questions email or call us on 01483 741430… and we will do our best to help! But remember… listen to your body and take care of yourself!

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