The Nijmegen 4 Day Marches 2017

They trained... they Walked... they conquered!

Our Walk the Walk Nijmegen Marches 2017 Team had the time of their lives! They trained... they Walked... they conquered! Here is a look back on an unforgettable five days at the world’s largest walking event... also known as ‘The Walk of the World’!

The team arrived in a beautiful, sunny Nijmegen and registered ready to take on the ‘challenge of all challenges’... walking an incredible 40km a day, over 4 consecutive days... that’s 160K or 100 miles in just 4 days!

Each of the 4 days of The Marches revolves around a different area of Nijmegen... on the first day, they completed The Day of Elst walking through idyllic Dutch villages and towns as well as picture perfect countryside. They started, Walked and finished together... Day 1 down... 3 days to go!

The Day of Wijchen... Day 2 of The Marches. Our fab WTW Team covered another 40km through gorgeous Dutch scenery, with plenty of support and encouragement from spectators and locals along the way, to reach the halfway point of this incredible challenge together and all in great spirits!

On the third day known as The Day of Groesbeek... our fantastic Civilian Marching Team once again donned their ‘uniform’ of bra t-shirts and walked alongside Military Marching Teams and other Civilian groups to complete their third 40km... even stopping to dance along the way! They were now within touching distance of completing their epic challenge... just one day to go!

The 3rd day of The #NijmegenMarches... 120k conquered with 40k to go! The team are now within touching distance of completing their epic challenge! #Doubletap to give them some WTW hugs!⠀ ⠀ #Nijmegen #walk #walking #challenge #breastcancer #breastcancerawareness #challengeofchallenges #team #walkoftheworld #4d17 #4daagse #vierdaagse

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The fourth and final day... the Day of Cuijik... a day of huge cheering crowds, music, dancing in the streets and celebrations... all creating the most fantastic party atmosphere! Our team pushed on to complete their mammoth challenge and reach the amazing Via Gladiola, where as they approached the Finish Line they were handed ‘Gladioli’ from the crowds, a traditional way to celebrate this outstanding accomplishment.

Woohoo... they did it! They started together, marched together, sang together and even danced together... what a fantastic team... time to celebrate their incredible achievements and wear those very special Royally acclaimed Nijmegen Crosses with pride!!

This is the biggest Team Challenge you can achieve; as Walk the Walkers from all over the UK join our Team as individuals, friends, partners or family members. Feeling inspired to join us in 2018 and take on the Challenge of all Challenges? Click here for more info. 



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