My Friend and I

A poem by Alicia Walmsley

A poem by Alicia Walmsley

My Friend and I

We walk together through the night
While rain it falls and cold winds bite
The two of us in flowers bedecked
Lycra clad and numbers checked

We join the walkers, thousands strong
Pounding forward with a song
Raising money, thick and fast
Hoping that our “nibbles” last

London, Edinburgh, Iceland too
We are a merry walking crew
Each marathon we’re side by side
Giving up! We’ve never tried

Trouble in Transit – walking team
Keep on going, keeping keen
Some People call us “T.I.T’s” for short
So we take it in good sport.

The miles we walk my friend and I
We don’t always see eye to eye
But bosom buddies what we are
So on together – away and far



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