Fundraising Ideas for Winter

Put the 'fun' into Fundraising this Festive season... raising money and awareness for vital breast cancer causes!

Make this Christmas a wonderful opportunity to increase your fundraising and bring people together.

Christmas Fair

Holding a Christmas fair is one of the best ways to make raising money fun, as well as bringing the local community together. Encourage small local businesses and local arts and crafts makers to get involved... it helps promote them and also provides variety at a Christmas fair. All that’s needed is a school hall or village hall, some exhibitors and a bit of marketing. Charge exhibitors £10-£15 and £3-£5 entry fee for everyone else. Approach a variety of exhibitors selling cupcakes, chocolates, jewellery, photography, Christmas cards... one of our walkers raised £600 from this alone!

Gift Wrapping

Why not put your gift wrapping skills to use by setting up a gift wrapping stall at your local shopping centre or supermarket? You could also offer to wrap friends’ and family’s gifts at home for donations.


Making a hamper to raffle is another great way to add to your fundraising. To get started, ask people to donate items like jams and candles or a bottle of mulled wine and some mince pies. Make up a Christmas hamper and then raffle it off at work or at your fundraising event.

Marshmallows and Mulled wine

Have your children and their school friends round for a toasted marshmallow evening... invite the parents to come too, make some mulled wine and mince pies and ask for donations.

Christmas Tree Decorations

If you are one of those lucky people who can just make, bake or grow things, then you could use your talents to create amazing little crafts to sell like one of our wonderful walkers who did just that…

“Having been a fundraiser for Walk the Walk for a number of years. I was finding it hard to keep asking the same people to sponsor me year on year. So I decided to put my crafting to use and make Christmas Decorations as a way of raising money. This will be my 7th year of making them and each year I do a different handmade felt decoration. People ask me as early as April what this year’s decoration is going to be!!! Over the years I’ve done Reindeer, Gingerbread Men, Snowmen, Santa, Angel, Penguins and so far raised over £3000....not bad from a little Christmas Decoration. This year’s Christmas Mouse decoration is proving very popular. Each year I sell them to family, friends and via Facebook and have even posted them to Australia, America & France.” Gynette Janney.


Any excuse for a party (Christmas, New Year, Birthday...)! Pick a date, a theme, provide the food and drinks and invite your guests! Charge them an entry fee and make sure you have all those fantastic party games ready to maximise your fundraising.

Christmas cards

Save on sending Christmas cards this year by donating what it normally costs to your page! Tell your friends you’re doing this, or you can even ask them not to give you a Christmas card this year and just donate the cost of a card to your online fundraising page... they can then leave a nice Christmas message for you there!

Christmas Lights

Do you like decorating the front of your house with lots of lights? Do you get random people visiting just to adore the decorations? Why not put a collection tub out by your gate and get some extra pennies for Walk the Walk?

Unwanted gifts sale in January

We all get those gifts that we really didn’t need, so instead of leaving them at the back of your cupboard, why not sell them and donate the proceeds to Walk the Walk?

If you have a fundraising event or activity planned, take a look at our extra bits and pieces to help you... if we can help in any way, please do get in touch.

Raise money, Raise awareness, Get fit and Have the best fun Walking the Walk!



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