Celebrating International Friendship Day at WTW

One thing we love hearing about at WTW HQ is how so many of you have forged such fabulous friendships from our challenges... we're sharing a few from some of our Walkers!

"At mile 2 in London on my 3rd ever Moonwalk Gynette Janney came alongside me and that was it! I’ve stalked and walked London and Edinburgh with her ever since. Defo my walking bestie. I can’t tag all my walk the walk friends as the list is endless and I worry I may upset someone by accidentally missing them. Everyone means the world to me and are my walk the walk family" - Suzie 

"I have to say Iceland 2016 because without doing that walk, I would not have gone on to have had such amazing times with WTW. Meeting some amazing truly inspirational people who have enhanced my life, gave me a new buddy in Red. It would be impossible to name you all, I would be upset if I missed anyone… So thanks to all who have been on any of the WTW journeys with me. Love you all xx" - Susan

"So many friends made last year and this year the list is endless, my roomie from last year Red Parry, this year's roomies Kath Knapper, Gillian Beveridge and Christelle Challinor and not forgetting my buddy from London this year Julieanne Gilbert and everyone else (too many to list). Thank you all and Happy Friendship Day xx
Not forgetting all the WTW staff, you are all amazing." - Yvonne

"Iceland 2012. A volcano. A flock of puffins. A shed load of leopard print. A medal from the first to the last and a circle squared at OTM in 2013. Too many to name especially when you add in all those I've met since then! So many crazy crazy people!" - Rebekah 

"This special lot. Maria James, Karen Hart, Julie Homewood, Nina Barnes, Gynette Janney and Kelly Smith 3LC 2014 and the fabulous Dawn Hunter who walked the endless road with me that year. The equally awesome Marie Neve who walked it with me the year before. I will treasure those precious times always. Not forgetting all the other wonderful friends I’ve made, too many to mention but you know who you are xxx" - Jane

"Have made friends both walkers and volunteers. Walking L2B those amazing ladies have got me through the last 4 and especially this year, to 67km. From #SaveMisty to ice creams and singing! Moonwalk volunteers through the wonders of modern technology I stay in touch with and I love to see them every year including my Moonwalk husband!!" - Anne

"London 2 Brighton 2016 I met several wonderful ladies who I am still in touch with, and who helped me struggle through L2B 2018 (to the 53km mark anyway lol)." - Gemma

"I adore all of my WTW family that I have met since 2009 - there is a very special place in my heart for each and every one of you xxxxx" - Caz

"I have met the most amazing ladies through being a volunteer for 10 years who have become very special friends and will be lifelong friends. Such special people don't come along all the time but when they do, hold onto them. Thank you WTW xx" - Paula

"My first OTM 2016 I met the most supportive, incredible, fabulous walking buddy who I am proud to also call my friend ... thank you, Maria" - Shirley

"My crazy sis-in-law got me started MoonWalking in London in 2013 and I’ve never looked back. I met lots of new friends over the years through walking in teams with my sis and brother-in-law. I brought along my own crazy friends of many years to Edinburgh in 2014. And then my cousin joined our Edinburgh team last year and two dear friends from America joined us in Iceland this year. The icing on the WTW cake has been meeting so many wonderful new friends this year as we all conquered the 3LC. Many of us are plotting and planning to conquer Nijmegen together next year and to continue MoonWalking in London and Edinburgh. It’s addictive! I love the combination of a personal challenge, an adventure of a lifetime and getting new and fabulous friends along the way who immediately understand the desire to keep MoonWalking and fundraising. Kindred spirits I’d never have otherwise met!" - Laura

"I would like to send a shout out to my WTW bestie Elizabeth Gibson. I did a post about my best walking buddies this time in 2015, and they are all still great buddies, but I knew them outside of WTW. 2016 brought the marvellous experience of the 3LC and the creation of a new fab 4 - me, Elizabeth, Kath Knapper and Anne Yeshin. I can't believe I've only known them for just over 2 years and I still love Elizabeth despite her taking me on a coastal walk in the wind and rain yesterday!" - Emma

"My friend Mandy James and I had known of each other for almost 5 years as our sons are friends but we only Really forged a great friendship ourselves when we signed up to do the London Moonwalk this year. Over our training months, we talked and walked and laughed and walked and became really close. Crossing the finish line together was a wonderful moment xx" - Sarah

"Too many to mention or tag. I’ve walked with my husband, my very best friends from school (10 of us one year and we’re all South African) and the new WTW friends I have made over the last 10 years are abundant, some going back to the days of the forums before Facebook pages and groups existed. Most of my countless WTW friends, I have met online, I have since met in person and at various Moonwalks. Love my WTW family. You’re never alone at a Moonwalk" - Louise

"3LC 2017 WAS my favourite Moonwalk year as I made so many amazing friends then friends through these friends as I did TPC 50km & Dublin. This year’s 3LC topped last year as I’ve made so many more new friends, a Task Master & am now going to Disneyland Paris & New York with these amazing ladies & gents. And I get to visit Guernsey for the first time ever.
So many friends Kath Knapper Anne Conrad Jane Hyde Roger Hyde Julie Homewood
Core ina Jenkins Julie-Ann Simson Andy Hudson Elizabeth GibsonSuzie Trew Foster Christelle Challinor Yvonne Paterson Susan Morris, Sam Sharman Linda Reeves Jennifer McAllister
And every one I’ve met along this amazing journey." - Gillian

"So many new friends... but have to give the WTW bestie title to Andy Hudson who kept me going through the 3LC and got me a new best time. Kath Knapper, Gillian Beveridge, Yvonne Paterson fantastic roomies and friends for life... and too many other gorgeous mad people such as Suzie Trew Foster, Gynette Cowens, Pamela Thompson and Jenny Darroch... wouldn't be without them. Happy friendship day everyone and to WTW for making all this possible" - Christelle

"The fabulous Pamela Thompson is definitely my WTW bestie! We’ve tackled 5 Moonwalks together and completed our 3LC this year after plotting to do it on our training walks last year. I couldn’t wish for a better, funnier, more kind-hearted walking buddy and we have so many more walks to do together! Also loved making so many new friends through 3LC this year, Sharon Carruthers, Laura Wilson Rothwell, Christelle Challinor, Gillian Howell, Kath Knapper, Andy Hudson, Gillian Beveridge, Suzie Trew Foster, Gynette Cowens, Gail Shackley and so many more! Friends for life" - Jenny

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