50 reasons to join The MoonWalk Iceland in 2020

Let us make your decision to join this bucket list challenge easier with 50 reasons on why you should join The MoonWalk Iceland in 2020 and unite against breast cancer

1. It will be the best week ever…

2. YOU will make a difference to those with breast cancer

3. You will return and feel like a new, inspired person!

4. 2020 is our 10th birthday of MoonWalk Iceland – so big celebrations to come!

5. Peaceful, stunning, Marathon views like nowhere else

6. You will love the midnight sun

7. You will take on a Marathon through the night, but in day light due to the Summer Solstice… very magical!

8. You will have so much love, support and hugs from the WTW Team... you will miss them when you get home!

9. A visit to the Blue Lagoon… it's rest and relax time!

10. Sporting your bra T-shirt with pride

11. Your face will hurt from so much smiling and laughing

12. A pop up WalkWear shop exclusive to you!

13. The excitement for the Walker Packs to arrive is real!

14. Watch whales in their natural habitat on our whale watching tour

15. Enjoy yummy food throughout the 6 days… almost all included!

16. Where else would you get to take a dip in a huge mineral bath after your Marathon?

17. You will feel relaxed and tranquil in the surroundings of Asbyrgi Canyon

18. You will love wearing your decorated bra as you Power Walk your way over 26.2 miles!

19. You will walk up (and down) a Volcano with views for miles!

20. Walking to the Finish Line will be an emotional and very proud moment in your life!

21. You will make lifelong friends!

22. Visit the beautiful fishing village of Husavik

23. You will come back with post event blues and thinking... what next?

24. Walk alongside the stunning, powerful, glorious Dettifoss Waterfall

25. A fabulous medal to show off to your friends and family on your return

26. Learn all about our amazing world by visiting Gunnuhver and Krysuvik geothermal fields

27. You will find boiling mud pools quite fascinating

28. At the start line, you will feel nerves and excitement all at the same time; which is completely normal!

29. All of your Fundraising goes to grants across the UK to help find a cure for breast cancer and support those with breast cancer now

30. You will feel a great sense of achievement

31. The Pasta Party pre-MoonWalk… building your energy levels so you're ready to GO, GO, GO

32. Go to sleep in the daylight... it's very surreal, so don’t forget your eye mask!

33. Bra decorating will become a new skill for your CV!

34. You will learn to love midges and wearing your midge hat!

35. You will find a new love for puffins

36. You will be in awe of the views of the midnight sun across the reflective, bright waters of Lake Myvatn

37. A whole day to explore the Capital of Reykjavik and all it has to offer

38. You will talk non-stop about your Icelandic adventures and the friends that you made

39. You will dance the night away at the celebration evening!

40. You will create memories that will stay with you forever…

41. You will Power Walk 26.2 miles around Lake Myvatn

42. You will love every minute!

43. You will wear your medal for at least 2 weeks :0)

44. You will want to go back… no doubt

45. You will miss the Training when its all over

46. Icelandic wilderness is just WOW!

47. Lake Myvatn is famed for their bird life

48. You may shed a few happy tears along the way

49. You will take a million and one photos of dolphins, puffins, whales, birds and bras

50. You will unite against breast cancer and make a difference…

Feeling inspired?

Come join the Walk the Walk team at The MoonWalk Iceland or take on 3 MoonWalks, in 3 Countries, in just 4 weeks with the Three Land Challenge! 

Raise money, Raise awareness, Get fit and Have fun... and unite with us against breast cancer! 

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