What is a Walk the Walk Virtual Challenge?

Whether you are an absolute beginner to any kind of fitness, or avid walker who is regularly active and looking for different ways to keep motivated, then a virtual challenge is for you!…

We are living in extraordinary and stressful times, but whatever your age and wherever you are, it is more important than ever to look after your own emotional and physical well-being, to take control of those parts of your life that you can, and together, to do what we can to support those not only living through this pandemic but also cancer. 

The ‘Virtual’ world entered all our lives in one way or another as we entered the COVID-19 lockdown. Using zoom and other platforms has been a wonderful way for families to keep in touch, for people to work from home, school children to keep learning and charities to keep going, whether it be to deliver essential emotional counselling, or like Walk the Walk, to continue raising precious funds that are needed now more than ever.

Whilst we cannot come together at this time, for live events, by joining a ‘Virtual Challenge’, we can certainly unite in spirit, and keep the Walk the Walk community flourishing and making a difference, just as it always has, and should be… our aim to help those with cancer must go on. 

The Virtual Challenge can do all of these things, so whether you are an absolute beginner to any kind of fitness, or avid walker who is regularly active and looking for different ways to keep motivated, then a virtual challenge is for you!

What is a Walk the Walk Virtual Challenge... how does it work?

You choose the Virtual Challenge that suits you. There are all types to choose from, and more on the way. Long and short distances, some for speed, some for distance, some are free to take part in, and others have an entry fee with a well deserved medal at the end... all are fun, and in true Walk the Walk style we are there (albeit digitally) to support you all the way to completing your goal. The beauty of a 'Virtual Challenge’ is that you do it wherever you are, so whether you are at home, on holiday, staying with a friend… it is up to you where you walk!

Once you have selected and registered for your chosen challenge, you will receive simple instructions on how to set up your fundraising page as well as important information on walking and preparing for your chosen event. Whilst setting up your fundraising page, you also have the opportunity to set up your free Strava account. This means that proof of completing your challenge is automatically registered to your fundraising page. If you prefer to record your distance and proof of completion in another way, that is also possible, and you can find more information on that here. 

Need help?... Just get in touch, otherwise you are set to go!

Walk the Walk want to make sure we support you in every way we can ... we will provide you with walking advice, help with seasonal fundraising ideas, we may even set you additional tasks to spice things up... but one thing remains the same... many people doing a little can amount to big changes and making a difference. You will be helping those living with cancer to have a better life, and that is why taking on a Walk the Walk Virtual Challenge is so special!

What are the benefits of a Virtual Challenge?

 The Power of Walking… “The closest thing we have to a wonder drug”  this is how Dr. Thomas Frieden, former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US, described walking. He went on to say that even if you don't lose an ounce of weight, you'll live longer, feel healthier and be less likely to get cancer, heart disease, stroke and arthritis. This all comes as quite a recommendation for something that most of us have been doing without thinking about it since we were toddlers.

So whilst COVID-19 limits our freedoms, a Virtual Challenge is something we can do and have complete control over!

Walking keeps you fit, focused and positive…

Success leads to success and empowerment, so start by walking a little every day, try the Walk the Walk MAD 2 and get walking into your life. When you are ready, pick a challenge that suits your ability and fitness level, and one that you know you will have to strive towards, but can achieve. Not all challenges are based on time or speed, so set your own pace, and reach your goal your way!

Walking from your doorstep…

No need to travel, just step out of your front door and start walking your challenge… you could be amazed at what you might find walking around your local area… many of our walkers say they have discovered beautiful spots they never knew existed. Get out there, explore and enjoy the adventure!

Walking is social… friends and family can join you…

Because there’s no travel involved, it is easy for friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues and all those around you to sign up and join you on the challenge… providing you meet government guidelines. Walking not only keeps you fit, focused and positive, but it is also sociable, so introducing those around you to sign up, is helping them as well as you… there is nothing more motivating that setting a goal together, walking together and although we can’t hug, it is the metaphoric hug we all need!

Of course, if they want to see you do it first… you lead the way and they can join you for the last few miles, as you cross your very own finish line!

Love walking, love life!

Some challenges must be completed on a set day, whilst others can be a day to suit you. Fit walking into your life and your lifestyle, and you will not look back… what’s not to love!

Why is it important for Walk the Walk to create Virtual Challenges?

The year 2020 has been a year like no other. COVID-19 has had an impact on all of us and a particularly devastating impact on those living with cancer. For many it has been a lonely, isolating experience that often means not being with family or friends whilst undergoing treatment. The need for emotional and physical support has never been greater.

For Walk the Walk it has meant we have been unable to hold any live events, or raise much needed funding. Your support now, no matter how small, whether it be as a donation or as a challenger, will help us to make invaluable Emergency Grants to frontline services and charities working to provide essential help to those that need it most. By making a donation or taking on a challenge, your fundraising will help us do our bit in making sure that those living with cancer receive the support they need at this time.

Plus, we are committed to encouraging everyone, to just get out and start walking for their own health and well-being, even if it is a few small steps, it can lead to greater things! It is scientifically proven that walking is almost the perfect form of exercise, and if you find it easier to keep going when you have a goal… we have a goal to suit everyone!

The latest edition to our rapidly growing list of events is the Virtual MoonWalk London, this is already promising to deliver a unique experience, so take a look, and with more distances to choose from,  there really is something for everyone!

Still not sure?  Why not read Nina's article about the Power of Walking... it's all about having a variety of different types of walks to suit all your moods!

Join one of our Virtual Challenges or register your interest to hear about new ones as they are  launched, you will be helping yourself to keep healthy and for us to continue our vital work.

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Happy Walking!



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