What happened when The MoonWalk Scotland 'Circus' came to town!

We're remembering what a truly inspirational night The MoonWalk Scotland was as thousands of men and women came together to unite against breast cancer.

The curtain has fallen on The MoonWalk Scotland Circus and MoonWalk City is being packed up for another year... but what an incredible night it was! We just wanted to say a great big THANK YOU to all you incredible Walkers and Volunteers for being a part of what was possibly the greatest show! 

Our Walker's 'Circus' bras were truly stunning, so much imagination and fun... All whilst raising awareness of breast cancer through the streets of Edinburgh! We certainly brought the 'MoonWalk Circus' to town! 

One of our highlights from the night definitely has to be having our 10 and 11-year-old Walkers join Nina on stage, whilst Nina explained that these young people would be in their forties by the time we can expect to have a cure for breast... really bringing home how important it is to keep Walking the Walk! Although... we're not sure who was more excited about taking part in their first Walk the Walk challenge... the children, or their mums and dads! 

Thanks to the amazing efforts of our incredible MoonWalkers, and their fabulous Supporters, fundraising for The MoonWalk Scotland 2019 has already reached £340,00 with Gift Aid... and with money still coming in! Find out where the money goes here. 

It goes without saying that we at Walk the Walk couldn't do what we do without our fabulous team of Volunteers! They really are wonderful and the compliments are already flying in, thanking them for their support and encouragement throughout the night! 

All of us at Walk the Walk have truly enjoyed experiencing The MoonWalk Scotland 'Circus' with you... Roll on 2020!

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