Walk the Walk grants £55,600 to The Leanne Pero Foundation

The funds we’ve received from Walk the Walk will help our message reach even further.

We’re delighted to have awarded £55,600 to The Leanne Pero Foundation, a fantastic charity offering culturally sensitive support, information and advice, primarily for women of colour with a cancer diagnosis.

Walk the Walk’s grant will allow The Leanne Pero Foundation to continue and expand the existing services offered by its flagship project Black Women Rising, as well as launch new and exciting additions to its programme of events, projects and initiatives.

The Leanne Pero Foundation will now be able to:-

  • Sustain its existing monthly Coffee Morning and add a second monthly Coffee Morning and a monthly Supper Club
  • Sustain its monthly Online Support Group for stage four cancer patients and increase the frequency of its “Open” Online Support Group from monthly to weekly
  • Sustain its monthly Online Workshops

These events help people of colour (the large majority of whom are living with or recovering from breast cancer) share their stories with each other and with healthcare providers and to improve their mental health and wellbeing, through expert and peer support.

For The Leanne Pero Foundation, it is important that no-one should suffer in silence or feel isolated when faced with their personal cancer journey; the challenges faced by people of colour going through cancer need to be visible so that they feel included and part of the overall cancer conversation.

Leanne Pero, founder and CEO of The Leanne Pero Foundation, said:-

"We are so incredibly grateful for the support of Walk the Walk in awarding us this generous grant. The funds we have received will help our message to reach even further and for us to welcome new members. We know only too well how much the support we offer means to our members, and how vital it is for us to be able to continue this work."

Nina Barough CBE, Founder and Chief Executive of Walk the Walk added:-

“Walk the Walk is incredibly proud to be granting funding to The Leanne Pero Foundation and all the work that it achieves supporting women of colour following a cancer diagnosis. The grant will help them offer more face-to-face and online support which is so needed and such a valuable service which this wonderful charity is able to offer, helping those who might otherwise be suffering in silence or feeling very isolated. Whilst Walk the Walk supports its own campaigns, grants like this one are very exciting and wonderful to share with Walk the Walk’s fundraisers – I cannot thank these generous and wonderful people enough! We could not do any of the special work we do without everyone’s help, so sign up now at www.walkthewalk.org for The MoonWalk London on Saturday 18 May and join this incredible fun filled ‘Fiesta’ of a night”. 

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