Sarah's Top Tips for The MoonWalk Scotland

I reckon it’s possible for most of us to fit in Power Walk training. Just think of that Finish Line and the medal so well deserved!

For over 10 years our fabulous supporters have been joining us at The MoonWalk Scotland in Edinburgh, supporting vital breast cancer causes and making a difference to those living with breast cancer.

Here Sarah Fernandes from Berkshire shares her top tips for taking part!

Hi All MoonWalkers,

I am writing this blog after completing a Half Marathon training Walk this morning around Virginia Water Lake in three hours... I am in training for The MoonWalk Scotland in June.

No excuses, if you are on HRT and going through the sweats, believe you me, they come more often with training! Walking will not only de-stress you, it will also help you lose weight and tone up. I have, since November, lost an inch off my waist and received remarks that my bottom is getting smaller!! That’s a good sign!

One of the best perks of regular training is that you get to eat Jelly Babies for energy whilst you are out Walking and that in turn will give you lovely long nails to paint pink on the big night... Jelly Babies make your nails grow! They are one of the quickest energy boosts if you get tired on your training Walk! So, a handy tip to remember is that if there is a large group of you travelling by plane then stock up in Duty Free on boxes of Jelly Babies, better value!

Talking of flying, I am travelling to Edinburgh via Heathrow, again a good deal and at Edinburgh Airport after The MoonWalk Scotland I got great value using the Aspire Lounge at £22, free drinks and snacks and comfy chairs... just what I needed after my challenge! Heathrow Security will love me if they make me open my hand luggage... they’ll get to see my decorated bra inside, not to mention my pink hair which my hairdresser is bursting to do for me...  I have been assured it will wash out after a few shampoos!

Now for accommodation... did you know that do business with Edinburgh University? The Pollock Halls of Residence campus have rooms with bathrooms which look lovely and clean for around £52 including breakfast, you can even put in a special request when booking i.e. a room near the entrance as it’s less mileage to get back to your room after you’ve completed The MoonWalk Scotland! The campus is huge but it’s right next to Holyrood Park, so a great location!

Regarding trainers... I bought two pairs, the reason being is that I have started to wear down my first pair so at least the second pair will be broken in slightly for the night. It’s not a good idea to wear brand new trainers for the first time on the night.

Has anyone thought about the big night and what to sit on whilst waiting to start? One good idea is an inflatable child’s rubber swimming pool ring. At least they are cheap and can be left behind if you don’t want to deflate it and take it with you!!

So to sum up, if I can work sometimes 5 to 7 days a week with horses, run with the dog twice a week and Power Walk 3 times a week, I reckon it’s possible for most of us to fit in Power Walk training. Just think of that Finish Line and the medal so well deserved!

One last mention! I land in Edinburgh at 5.20pm Saturday night! British Airways don’t let me down!




Join us on the 10th June 2017 as we go wild with our ‘MoonWalk Jungle Safari’ theme at The MoonWalk Scotland... unite with us against breast cancer and help make a difference.


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