Pat's final stretch of her Walk1000 miles challenge in 2019

This charity has given me more than I could ever hope for – a great support team at all events, but I have some amazing friends that I have met through the charity who keep me going.

As a charity partner for Country Walking Magazine's #walk1000miles in 2019 challenge, we've been speaking to Walkers who are getting involved! Since her last blog, Pat has Walked the Walk at The Great North Run... and is less than 300 miles away from reaching her #Walk1000miles target!

You can read Pat's previous blog here.

On my return from completing the Four Day Marches in Nijmegen for breast cancer charity Walk the Walk, I saw a physio, who diagnosed some inflammation in the muscle around my kneecap. I was advised to try to limit my walking during August, to build the muscle strength back up.

The result was a month of just walking my lovely dog Barney (who due to his age and a heart murmur is only allowed to walk for 30 minutes at a time!). One special walk was taken with some lovely Alpacas. If I couldn’t walk far, I’d make sure the walk was enjoyable. By the end of August, I was back out doing some final training for the Great North Run – it was good to be back out again. Mileage at the end of the month was 560 miles, behind where I need to be.

The Great North Run

September was the month of the Great North Run, a running event which also supports walkers. I had previously power walked it with Walk the Walk in 2013. The event is incredible – the Walk the Walk team looked great in our decorated bras (I have to admit I was re-using my MoonWalk London bra). The plan was to walk with my great Walk the Walk buddy Gynette, but by mile 5 she realized she was holding me back. I can’t remember the last time I felt so good power walking. 

The great thing about Walk the Walk friends is that in this type of event we all understand that sometimes we have to walk our own race and this was one of those days. I felt really good walking this event and knew I was getting back to the old me, the pre-cancer me. The crowds are fantastic and they cheer you on every step. The Walk the Walk support team have a difficult job trying to keep tabs on us all, but are amazing.

So from the sunniest to the wettest walk of 2019...

... a walk in the Peak District to the top of Mam Tor on one of the wettest days of the year so far. However, once you arrange to meet a friend (Dani Pole) you just have to do it. 

The rain and wind on the top were so strong I couldn’t even open my eyes for the photo. It didn’t help when my sister messaged me to say what great weather they were having in Northamptonshire and she was sat in the garden!!

At the end of September...

... I knew I was going to struggle to achieve my 1,000 miles by just counting training walks – I was only at 600 miles!! But I wasn’t disheartened, how can I be when I started the year having radiotherapy. This year has very much been about recovery and enjoying life. I decided not to give up, but change the goal posts. From now on I would track all mileage from my daily steps. Even doing this would be a challenge but I’d give it a go.

In October, the autumn blues really hit!! I was struggling to go anywhere or do anything. Those of you that know me know that I believe in talking about how I am… so this month was not so much about walking, but about life. I was struggling to do anything – the last walk I went on was with Dani in the Peak District. I was avoiding any opportunity to go out, all I wanted to do is sleep… now if this was a blog about sleeping I’d be well in there!

I’ve had a series of blood tests and they are all showing as OK. This is a double edged sword. Although it is great that there is nothing showing, that now means it is up to me to sort myself out. I’ve never experienced anything like this, but after a long talk with one of the nurses at the surgery I am once again looking at the positive side of life.

What have I achieved in October…

• I still managed to walk 100 miles… only 300 to go!!!
• I’ve raised another £600 for Walk the Walk – the Xmas knits are ready to be sent.
• For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I wore a decorated bra during my weigh in at Slimming World!


     I have a journal where I have logged all of my walks since 2010 and despite feeling that this year has been tough, I have currently walked the second furthest this year, only beaten by 2014.

I’ve also logged my fundraising for Walk the Walk. I’ve just realised this £600 takes my fundraising to over £20,000 since 2011, how did that happen!! This charity has given me more than I could ever hope for – a great support team at all events, but I have some amazing friends that I have met through the charity who keep me going. You know who you all are – thank you xx

It’s funny but realising this has spurred me on...

I have some more parcels to be taken to the Post Office and instead of getting the car out I am going to walk into town. I can get to 1,000 miles!!!

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