Elizabeth can’t wait to take part in her fifth MoonWalk Scotland

The MoonWalk Scotland is quite simply one of the highlights of my year!

Elizabeth’s story:-

“Since I first signed up for The MoonWalk Scotland back in 2016, I’ve been taking part in honour of my aunt Norma and my mother-in-law Janet, who have both been successfully treated for breast cancer. I was chatting with aunt Norma recently and she was telling me again how she thinks daily of the nurse who did her mammogram as her cancer would not have been detected without the mammogram. She had no symptoms, no lumps, no warning signs.

This year, a work colleague, Caroline, will be firmly in my thoughts during the night. I’m a teacher in a West Lothian school, where Caroline also works. She was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and has had to stop working for the moment, while she goes through her treatment. This year’s MoonWalk will mean even more to me than ever, because of Caroline.

Our walking team this year includes my cousin Jennifer and her daughter Katie who are walking for Norma (their mum/gran and my aunt). Katie turns 17 in August and will be doing her first full MoonWalk (26.2 miles). She’s now old enough to take part, having done the quarter marathon previously. Katie’s been utterly determined to sign up for the Full Moon, as soon as she could!

L-R Caroline, Jennifer, Katie & Elizabeth

Taking part in The MoonWalk Scotland is quite simply one of the highlights of my year! 2023 will be my fifth time – I walk because I can, because I love the atmosphere on the night and in honour of friends and family who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

I’ve taken part with a number of different friends over the years, but generally I’ve walked with my friend, another Caroline. Although we live near each other, we do our shorter training walks separately during the week, then come together for the longer training walks at the weekend. We tend to go out early, starting at around 7am and the time always passes so quickly.

Caroline and I have known each other for so long that we can just chat for hours – we often come home thinking “where did those four hours go”? I’ve always enjoyed doing the training for The MoonWalk – almost as much as the event itself. Walking is so beneficial for my mental health and general well-being. It’s wonderful being out in the fresh air, spending time chatting about anything and everything.

Elizabeth (right) with teammate Caroline

As for the night of The MoonWalk – I love the incredible camaraderie of the event and feeling the nervous excitement before we set off. Listening to the stories of people who have had cancer on stage before the walk always really hits home – it’s very moving and reminds us all why we need to keep on raising awareness and funds for people living with breast and other cancers.

Walking through the streets of Edinburgh, it’s incredible seeing so many buildings across the city lit up pink to support the MoonWalkers and volunteers. I go around each corner, wondering what else is going to be lit up. That huge pink hug makes such a difference!

When we set off on our walk, late on Saturday night, there are always still lots of people out enjoying themselves across Edinburgh, meeting up with friends for a drink. They come out of bars and restaurants, shouting and clapping as we walk past - I love that bit! Having said that, I really enjoy the quieter times too. At five am, when you meet someone out for a very early walk with their dog and they say “well done”, as they walk past – that really keeps you going. The volunteer marshals at The MoonWalk are also wonderful at motivating us – they’re so kind and hand out jelly babies, just when you need a boost.

Elizabeth at The MoonWalk Scotland 2018

But it’s not just a case of putting one foot in front of the other – for me, The MoonWalk Scotland is actually a real team effort. I have a lovely friend who decorates my bra for me and another friend whose auntie makes me tablet. I always look forward to my little delivery! Another friend leaves a beautiful bunch of pink flowers on my doorstep the day after The MoonWalk – every single year.

My message to anyone thinking of signing up for The MoonWalk is that you don’t need to be sporty and you certainly don’t need to be climbing Munros all the time to take part. I like walking – but I certainly don’t walk all the time. I don’t run, I don’t go to classes or the gym.

Somehow The MoonWalk Scotland is totally different from all of those things and is a lovely, lovely thing to do. I look forward to it all year and although I try to get some sleep earlier on the day of the event, I normally can’t, because I’m so excited. That feeling never changes – and nor does that huge sense of achievement I always feel when I cross the finish line having walked 26.2 miles. Sign up for The MoonWalk Scotland 2023 and you’ll be able to bottle that feeling too”. 

Thank you for sharing your story Elizabeth and we look forward to seeing you at The MoonWalk Scotland 2023! It's not too late to join us... sign up now!... Entries close midday 29 August 2023!



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