Check your Chest - men get breast cancer too!

Six men diagnosed with breast cancer gathered in London to share their experiences and help Walk the Walk launch the next phase of our national 'men get breast cancer too' awareness campaign.

Did you know that men get breast cancer too? Many people don't...

Walk the Walk Founder, Nina, met with six men previously diagnosed with breast cancer who are helping to launch the next phase of our national 'men get breast cancer too' awareness campaign. 

Monday 18th November...

Ahead of International Men's Day (19th Nov), which celebrates the positive value men bring to the world and raises awareness of men’s well-being, Walk the Walk met with these inspirational men at the London Marriott County Hall Hotel. Some of the men joining us had until then never met a man diagnosed with breast cancer. They are now all courageously sharing their experiences, with the aim of raising awareness and breaking the stigma still present with male breast cancer. 

"It is such a privilege for Walk the Walk to be working with these special men, who are prepared to share the emotional and very different ways that breast cancer has affected their lives. Their courage is born from their passion to help encourage other men to be more aware of just how important it is to regularly check their chest." - Nina Barough, Walk the Walk Founder

The day involved various interviews with national and regional media and open conversations between the men about their experiences of being diagnosed. They also talked about the importance of Walk the Walk's new poster campaign, which encourages men to check themselves for symptoms of breast cancer, leading to prevention, early detection and overall body awareness. A light lunch was provided by the London Marriott County Hall Hotel, who generously hosted the event – a huge thank you to them for their support!

Four additional men are also supporting the campaign in other areas including Wales and Ireland. The men backing the campaign are encouraging companies, public services, community organisations and individuals nationwide to download a special “Check your Chest” poster. The media coverage has already made a huge difference in spreading the word, with features on Channel 5 and London Live, and a fantastic spread in the Daily Express.

Click image above to watch the coverage on London Live.

"In terms of awareness, I always say that men and women should check each other, don’t be embarrassed about it. We all have breast tissue.” - Glenn Cooper, 65 from Fareham

Every year, 370* men are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK and 81* men die of the disease.

"With more awareness lives could be saved... and if we can save even one life by doing this, it will make it worthwhile!" - Nina Barough

Walk the Walk needs your help... 

Help us spread this message far and wide, and encourage men to 'Check their Chest' by downloading our digital poster, print it out and place it in pubs, gyms or anywhere else you think might help make a difference! Head over to our Facebook and share across your social media too!

So, go on... help us spread the word! Share with your dad, husband, brother, friends and any other men in your life and encourage them to 'Check their Chest'. 

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Why not join us for the 23rd MoonWalk London? Raise money and awareness for vital breast cancer causes... it's going to be 'Out of this World'! 


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