April 2024 Fundraising Ideas

As we step into Spring, here are some more seasonal fundraising ideas for you to use this month!

We are finally heading into Spring! With the new season beginning, we've come up with some more fabulous fundraising ideas for you to use this month. Pick the idea that appeals to you most and have fun as you raise precious funds to help those living with breast and other cancers!

Setting up your fundraising page

Just getting started on your fundraising? Make the most of your fundraising page by uploading a current photo of YOU!  People will be reassured to know they have the right page! Next tell the reason why you are taking part in this epic challenge – these 2 things can increase your fundraising by up to 70%!

Then share your page on social media, email and WhatsApp and tell everyone you know what you are doing and ask for sponsorship! This is the only time you will have to ask as next time let your page do the asking!

April 11th – National Pet Day

We are a nation of pet lovers so help your fur baby owning friends by making colourful neckerchiefs to help them celebrate the day! Make different sizes to suit the different types of pets and ask for donations to your fundraising page. Hope none of your friends have a snake! 

23 April 2024  - St Georges Day

Embrace the spirit of England by holding a St George’s Day dragon party!  Drink ye olde English ale and serve traditional food like Shepherd’s Pie, Bangers and Mash or Roast Beef with Yorkshire pudding. Charge £20 or £25 – this is still a cheap night out for your friends!  Add to the fun by coming in costume! You could also sell single red roses to wear in lapels or get crafty by making some pretty paper roses, not forgetting the essential raffle!

Got a wardrobe full of stuff you don’t wear anymore?

Have a good clear out and get together with your friends to have a ‘Swishing’ evening! Everyone brings their pre-loved items and pays an entrance fee. You serve refreshments and hold a raffle.  Everyone goes home with a bagful of new clobber, and you watch your fundraising rocket!

Check out this blog from Emily to read all about her swishing event!

30 April 2024 - International Jazz Day

Immerse yourself in the cool vibes of International Jazz Day by hosting a jazz picnic or supper. As the great Nina Simone said, "Jazz is not just music, it is a way of life, it is a way of being, a way of thinking". Invite your friends to chill for a donation to your page. For some mellow moments, create hampers full of culinary delights to enjoy while listening to the dulcet tones of Ella Fitzgerald or the piano of Scott Joplin, or better still cajole a pal with a sax to entertain - Click here to feel inspired!

Pink Day Fundraiser

The colour pink evokes feelings of harmony, warmth and hope and is also the colour of Walk the Walk! Ask your work colleagues to wear pink to work, for a donation of course, and arrange a fun day by holding a quiz and raffle. (Tip: Serve iced pink buns, cupcakes and cookies for a donation). If they don’t want to wear pink - Charge them a little extra! 

We have lots and lots of fundraising ideas which are updated monthly, fundraising posters and much more available... our Fundraising Team will be on hand during the course of your challenge adventure to help you at any time! Or if we can help in any way, please do get in touch

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