A few words from our MoonWalkers

The MoonWalk London 2018 charity marathon was incredible... hear from some of our amazing Walkers and why they raise money and breast cancer awareness

From our Fabulous MoonWalkers!

What an incredible night we all had at The MoonWalk London 2018... don't take our word for it... see what our MoonWalkers had to say! 

The most worthwhile thing I’ve ever done and loved every moment - Dave

Well done Nina and Team for organising such a great event and very well done to all the fantastic walkers taking on this challenge. XX - Janet

Wish I could experience it all over again, I am gathering a team for next year - I walked it in my own but I was not alone thanks to all, see you in 2019!! - Julie

A big thanks to all the volunteers, especially the toilet ones they made the loo queues much quicker. And the extra loos were much appreciated, it's the small things that make the walk run so smoothly - Siobhan

Fantastic cause and I personally take my hat off to each and every one of you ladies (And gentlemen) who participate x - Paul

3rd Moonwalk and walking alone.... NEVER....met 3 lovely Irish gals, Mary, Sarah and Collette who let me join their team and walk the whole route with them .... awesome girls and you are my heroes for keeping me going! - Jo

My sister and I enjoyed the whole thing a couple of blisters but they are soon gone. What made us sad was seeing all those water bottles littering the streets when there were fabulous volunteers waiting to take your rubbish. There should have been a more conscious effort to throw them responsibly. Our first experience and found it well organised and the loo queues we encountered only took 10-15 mins - Stephanie

It was my first, but certainly not my last. Worth every achy muscle in my body. Huge shout out to the marshals along the route... such incredible kindness! I'll be back next year! X - Franci

We only went and done it, medal still on pride of place x - Shelley

Watching this brings it all back. I have done this 5 times and the emotions you feel every single time are all flooding back. Congratulations to everyone it is a massive achievement - Janine

I can't tell you what an honour it was to be a part of the 2018 MoonWalk event - it was so well organised and slick - Dolly and the warm up chap were fabulous, the volunteers were incredible and buoyed us up every step of the way, the weather held and we smashed our walking record! Thank you WTW xxx - Beth

Well done everyone, I sadly didn't finish as I twisted my knee. I'll be back with you next year and I WILL get a medal xxx - Samantha

Well done to all the walkers, the supporters, the admin and everyone who takes part in any way!! Fabulous achievement once again!!! - Debs 

Well done you are all amazing. I know you hurt now. But you should all feel really proud of yourselves. One of the best things I have ever done. X  - Ruth

Training certainly paid off. Still had more left when we went over finishing line. It's proved I'm made of stronger stuff than I thought possible. Feeling so so proud. Makes a difference when yours with great friends. Xx - Maureen

You are all wonderful - and it shows what an amazing bunch Walk the Walk are ... other 'races' just pack up and go regardless if there are people who have put so much into completing the course still out there ... and there is nothing better in the world than the Tunnel of Love ... - Sara Jane

First timer It’s such an amazing event! Can’t believe I did it the Full Moon Congratulations to all the lovely people we met along the way! Yeeeehaaaa! - Shanna

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