Have you thought of everything?

Organising a fundraising event doesn't have to be hard! Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be onto a winner:


  • Remember to think about the kind of people you want the event to appeal to,
  • How much money it is likely to bring in
  • You may want to choose a theme to make it even more fun for everyone!
  • Don’t forget that the simplest ideas often turn out to be the most successful!
  • Have you checked out these pages for fundraising ideas?
  • Have you contacted our Fundraising Team to let us know you are fundraising for Walk the Walk? We would love to hear from you!
  • Did you think about who could help you prior to the event and on the day itself?


  • Are there any other local or national events happening on the day you have chosen for your fundraising party?
  • Did you leave plenty of time to organise and publicise everything?


  • Are you able to get the venue for free? If not, can they offer you a discount?
  • Does the venue have appropriate licences / insurance in place (e.g.: Public liability Insurance, Alcohol Licence, Entertainment licensing)?
  • Is the venue big enough / suitable for the type of event you are planning?
  • Do they have catering facilities?
  • Did you familiarise yourself with the correct procedures in case a fire breaks out?
  • Have you completed a basic Risk Assessment?


  • Have you thought about all the costs you may encounter?
  • Have you worked out a simple budget?
  • How much money are you aiming to raise?
  • Have you contacted our Fundraising Team for fun games for your party to maximise your fundraising?
  • Have you ordered your Walk the Walk collection tubs with a couple of boxes of bra pins from our WalkWear shop? Make sure everyone is wearing a bra pin at your party!
  • Do you have somewhere safe to keep the money raised?
  • Consider contacting local businesses to see whether they can support your event in any way

Promoting your event

  • Tell the world about what you are doing: use social media and email to publicise your event. Encourage your friends to do the same
  • Have you set up an online fundraising page? If you decided to donate all of the proceeds from your event to Walk the Walk, your guests can pay for their tickets this way (they mustn’t Gift Aid this amount) and perfect for general donations too. Whenever you publicise your event, just pop your online fundraising page there as well and watch the pounds rolling in.
  • Do you need flyers, posters, invitation or tickets printed for your fundraising event? Can you get a special deal with your local printer or maybe you have a friend who will do it for free? Where are you going to distribute these flyers and posters?
  • Have you thought about sending a press release to local papers or local radio?
  • Create posters and display them wherever you can (school, work, local pub etc). Or get one from us.

Have fun and say thanks!

  • Did you thank everyone who supported your event? A simple thank you can mean so much. They are more likely to support you again.
  • Did you let us know how your event went? Did you pay in the money you raised? We would love to send you a Thank You Certificate.
  • Did you take lots of photos? Write about your fundraising and you could be one of the special chosen few who make it onto our website or the Walk the Walk Blog! Inspire someone else to do the same!

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