Getting the most out of your fundraising

How to advertise your fundraising event and how to encourage donations

Contact your local media 

newspaper, radio, television. Search for online magazines in your area and ask them to write about your event.

Write a press release

Don’t forget:

  • The 5Ws: Who What Where Why When – try and cover these questions in the first paragraph.
  • Make it short and snappy – don’t go over an A4 page, but make sure you provide enough information.
  • Include an eye-catching headline
  • Your contact details
  • A picture - How about a Team photo in decorated bras? Sure to get the attention it needs! If your decorated bra is not ready yet, contact our Fundraising Team who may be able to help you with a couple of bra T-Shirts ready for your photo shoot (subject to availability and we ask you to cover the postage).

Email family and friends

Change your email signature to include your online fundraising page (use Everyday Hero to save us money!) or details of your fundraising event.

Word of mouth

Tell the world what you are doing, talk about the challenge you are undertaking, the fundraising event you are organising, word of mouth is possibly the best tool you have in your hands.

Posters, Leaflets

Put out some posters and leave some leaflets behind in surgeries, the village hall, local library, in your neighbourhood, local shops, village notice board.. etc. 


Create an event, invite your friends – chose only the ones who actually live in the area and make sure to keep them updated with your progress. You could run a few mini competitions to the run up to your event. Always include your online fundraising page with your posts. Ask people to like, share, tweet and when they do, thank them for it.


Get your story into newsletters. (Your work, your child’s school, the local parish..etc.) The better the exposure, the more likely you smash your fundraising target.


Write about what you do, why you do it, post regular updates, and promote it on Facebook and Twitter together with your online fundraising page.


Create a video and upload it to You Tube.


Bra picture

Many more ways to fundraise

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