Fundraising Rules and Regulations

There are a few things you need to think of when you are out fundraising for us. Many of them are common sense. However we have listed a few of the more detailed ones below

I’d like to organise a raffle or tombola. Or a charity sweepstake at work. 

A raffle, sweepstake or a tombola are all great additions to any fundraising event, whatever you decide to organise. Lotteries are heavily regulated but you can avoid paying for a license if you are holding an “incidental non-commercial lottery” and you are following these rules.

  • Please be aware that lotteries at work cannot make a profit so they are unsuitable for fundraising. You can find out more on the Gambling Commission’s website 
  • Anyone organising and participating in a raffle must be over 18 years of age.
  • You may advertise your raffle prior to your fundraising event but you are only allowed to sell your tickets during the entertainment.
  • You must not have cash prizes (other than vouchers) and you should not spend more than £500 on prizes.
  • The results must be announced during your fundraising event.
  • When the tickets are drawn if the person with the winning ticket is not present, you must be able to contact them to give them their prize.
  • Keep cash secure at all times and make sure it is counted and checked by two unrelated people.

Top tip: approach local companies and get all the prizes donated!

I am organising several fundraising events. Do I need Public Liability Insurance?

There is no legal requirement when you are organising a charity event. However, you may want to make sure that you are protected in case anything goes wrong. You could be personally liable and having public liability insurance will give you peace of mind.

  • If you are having your event at a Community Hall, Village Hall or similar,  check with the venue. Most of them will already have public liability insurance in place.
  • Please be aware that Walk the Walk’s public liability insurance will not cover you

Top tip: If you need more information, contact your insurer for advice.

I would like to organise some collections. Do I need permission?

  • Collecting in public places – street collections. To collect money in the street, you will need to contact the Licensing Officer of your Local Authority or, if you are in the London area, the Licensing Section of the Metropolitan Police to find out whether or not you need a licence and how to apply for one.
  • Collecting in privately owned venues - gym, shopping mall, shop, pub or supermarket. You will need to get written agreement from the owner of the venue before you can begin to plan your fundraising. As boundaries can be blurred in venues such as this, we also recommend that you contact your local authority for advice. If a licence or written permission is required, again, please forward a copy to Walk the Walk for our records.

Please only use collection tubs and buckets from Walk the Walk which are clearly labelled with the required information and are sealed. 

Top tip: Bring along some cupcakes, smaller sweets and your friendliest smile, they will do wonders in drawing in the crowd to donate.

I am setting up a cake stall to fundraise

Baking some delicious cupcakes can be a fantastic way to fundraise, hardly anyone can say no to the sweet temptation.

Basic rules to follow:

  • NO - don’t sell desserts, anything that includes raw egg or fresh cream.
  • Display that “no guarantee that it is nut free’.

If you bake cakes fortnightly or less frequently, you will not need to register as a business with your local council and you won’t need a Hygiene Certificate either.

Top tip: Phone your local council and ask to speak to your local environmental health officer for further advice.

I would like to use the Walk the Walk logo on my poster and tickets I am printing for my fundraising event.

We know it can be tempting to just remove the logo from our website but we would ask that you request the correct one. Please make sure you follow the few simple rules that come with using the logo and don’t forget to send us a copy of the artwork before going into print with it.

When organising a fundraising event, you need to say that it is being held “in aid of Walk the Walk” or “in aid of the breast cancer charity Walk the Walk”. If you are using the event title, please make sure that it is spelt “The MoonWalk” (with a capital T and M and an upper case W) and not “Moonwalk.

Top tip: Make sure the Walk the Walk logo is placed somewhere towards the bottom of your poster. It looks better and ensures that everyone knows that your fantastic event is organised by you, not Walk the Walk.

Can I take my expenses out of the donations collected after my fundraising party?

When you organise a fundraising party, you may want to ensure that your basic costs like the cost of hiring the hall, food and entertainment are covered. Make sure that you are clear on all communication regarding the event (including posters, tickets, other adverts) that all profits from the event are going to Walk the Walk.

If this is not in place before you started selling tickets for your fundraising party, it is illegal for you to take expenses from any donation you receive. 

Top tip: Keep your costs down! Tell people that you are raising money for charity when looking for a venue; you may get a discounted price or even get the hall for free!

Can I organise a walking event and call it a MoonWalk?

I am afraid you cannot hold your own event for us and call it a MoonWalk or The SunWalk as they are copyrighted events. The bra T-Shirts are also copyrighted so if you are designing your own then please don’t use any form of bra or bikini. 

Top tip: If you are planning to organise a walking event to raise money for Walk the Walk, get in touch with our Fundraising Team.

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