Fundraising ideas - struggling with time

Looking for some simple and quick fundraising ideas? Then take a look at these examples

Organise a money collection 

Simply hire one of our collection tubs and place it in your local shop, pub or library (or anywhere you can think of...) – you’ll find that the pennies soon turn into pounds

Cake sale 

Everyone loves cake! Ask a few people to help you bake some yummy delights - sell them for a donation at work, at school or amongst your neighbours...

Lawn Mowing 

Offer to mow work colleagues’, friends’, neighbours’ and family members’ lawns for a donation.

Zip it

Fancy doing a sponsored silence for Walk the Walk? Could you go a whole day without saying a single word? Get your friends/family/work colleagues to sponsor you and if you fail, you have to pay a forfeit!

Swear box

Do you or anyone else you know have a tendency to swear? If so, a swear box may well be needed. This could be enforced at work or at home (or both!).


Do you like to have the occasional dabble in gambling? Why not raise money for us in the process? You could ask people to place a bet on the Grand National, FA Cup Final, or better still, they could even bet on how long it will take you to complete the MoonWalk! Half of the money could become the winning prize and the other half goes to Walk the Walk.

Sponsor a mile 

Simply ask your friends/family/work colleagues to sponsor a mile each of your MoonWalk.

Sponsor a tune for my iPod 

Do you like the element of surprise? This could be the one for you... Ask friends and family to pay a small amount to pick a song/s for your training (or for the MoonWalk itself!).

Dog walking

Offer your services to your dog loving friends and neighbourhood. An excellent way to raise money and get fit at the same time.

No to naughties 

Give up your favourite foods/drink for a set time (sweets, chocolate, alcohol - you choose...) and donate the money you save. Not only will you feel healthier in yourself, but you will be raising money in the process- it’s a double whammy! 

Guess the weight / number of sweets in a jar 

Choose a prize (could be the item itself) and charge £1 per guess.


Get the kit

Look great as you get ready for your Walk the Walk challenge

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Many more ways to fundraise

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