Fundraising ideas - organising small events

Fundraising ideas - organising small events

Small Fundraising Event Ideas

Pub Board Game Evening - Gather a group of friends together at your local pub (please gain permission first!) or at home and take your favourite board games. Charge £1 or £2 per player per game. The overall winner at the end of the evening could get a bottle of wine or a similar fixed prize.


Simply invite some friends around for a BBQ, as perhaps you normally would. However, on this occasion, charge them £5-10.

Craft Fair

Set up a stall at your local craft fair, sell your hand made jewellery, home made jams, use the Walk the Walk bra badges, collection tubs, balloons and the banner for decorating your table.

Bag packing in a supermarket

A great way to raise money whilst helping out shoppers! Contact your local store to book a date and find out how to organise this. Don’t forget to pick up a collection bucket from our WalkWear shop and Walk the Walk leaflets from our Fundraising Team!

Car Boot Sale / Jumble Sale / eBay 

Sell unwanted presents, clothes, toys, books, DVDs... A perfect way to de-clutter your house!

Soup Lunch fundraiser 

Make up a large batch of soup and take it into work! Encourage those that normally pop out and buy lunch (and even those that don’t!) to save money and donate to a worthy cause - charge £1 per bowl.

Movie Night 

Turn your movie night into a fundraiser! Buy the drinks, the popcorn, the DVD and invite your friends overcharge about £4


Any excuse for a party (Christmas, Halloween, Birthday...)! Pick a date, a theme, provide the food and drinks and invite your guests! Charge them an entry fee and make sure you have all those fantastic party games to maximise your sponsorship.

Coffee morning

Invite your friends for a morning coffee, provide some biscuits or simple cakes, maybe play a few fun games. Charge a set price for the coffee and cakes and have a great catch up with your friends!

Get the kit

Look great as you get ready for your Walk the Walk challenge

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Many more ways to fundraise

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