Fundraising ideas - fantastic events

If you have some more time and are prepared to go that extra step, then take a look at these ideas

Race night 

Bring the glitz and glamour that a day at the races entails right to your doorstep (or wherever you choose to hold it). All you need is a suitable venue, the race DVD, projector (or TV screen), race cards and tickets and the all important race goers!

Quiz night 

It’s time to get your thinking cap on and come up with a number of questions to quiz your friends and family with. Competitors have the option of paying an extra £1 for a clue.... Perhaps charge £8 per head, which could include a meal.


All that’s required is a school hall or village hall, some exhibitors and a bit of advertisement. Charge exhibitors £15 and £5 entry fee for everyone else. Approach a variety of exhibitors selling cupcakes, chocolates, jewellery, photography, maybe some cards... One of our walkers raised £600 from this alone!


Do you love a good dance? This is a perfect fundraiser if so. Organise a three hour Zumba session (or whatever length of time you would like). Approach some instructors, hire a hall, charge an entry fee and let the party begin! If you still have the energy, why not throw in a raffle too?

Themed party (ABBA/ 60’s/ 70’s / 80’s) 

Who doesn’t love a fancy dress!? Pick a theme, invite your friends, supply the drink and music and charge an entry fee.

Silent auction 

A slight twist on a normal auction with all bids being made on sheets of paper - a popular choice for fundraising events! Contact local businesses i.e. restaurants, shops, beauty salons, hotels etc to see whether they’d be willing to donate something.

Ladies Night / Pamper evening 

A great opportunity to gather your girl friends for a night of pampering! Provide the wine and nibbles and approach local beauty salons / hairdressers to see what treatments they would be willing to offer. Charge your friends an entry fee and maybe extra donations for the treatments. A brilliant way of achieving that feel good factor!

Karaoke Night 

A fun-filled night is guaranteed with karaoke! Try contacting a local karaoke bar to see whether they’d be willing to hire it out for an evening. Perhaps split the takings 50/50 with the bar.  

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