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Three Land Challenge

Three Land Challenge 2020

16th May - TBC 2020 |
Location: England, Scotland, Iceland

Distance: 3 Marathons (78.6 miles)

Grading: 5 ?

Registration opening: Register Interest for next year

Registration fee: TBC

Minimum sponsorship: £750

3 Charity Marathons in 3 different Countries

An amazing journey to three different countries, taking on three charity walks, with three very different experiences within just 5 weeks... all whilst raising money and breast cancer awareness!

With our MoonWalk London, get ready for the 'Disco Inferno', with the lights, the iconic landmarks and the razzle dazzle of the busy streets of London... next stop, the MoonWalk Scotland, turning the city pink and enjoy the vibrant energy and warmth of Edinburgh... then on to Iceland for the summer solstice and the land of the midnight sun, where you will walk in one of the most beautiful wildernesses in the world.

Don’t just take our word for it, read all about Susan's Three Land Challenge adventure.

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Just amazing. I feel very proud to have been part of this year’s Three Land Challenge.- Fiona

The MoonWalks

The MoonWalk London, Saturday 16th May 2020

Starting and finishing at Clapham Common, the evening begins in our unique pink palace with a 'Disco Inferno' party to celebrate the 22nd MoonWalk. The route will then take you around central London and past many iconic sights such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, The Eye and many more. The streets will be busy with supporters, night revellers and the beeping horns of busy traffic, all enjoying the spectacle of 15,000 women and men Power Walking their way to the Finish Line... Learn more.

The MoonWalk Scotland, TBC

On to your Scottish MoonWalk and a favourite with us all… with a very different feel and atmosphere. Walking through this beautiful ‘pink’ capital city is quite special, not to mention the usual boisterous and infectious nightlife out on the streets of Edinburgh after midnight. Be part of the fun and experience Edinburgh at night like never before! 

And not forgetting...

The MoonWalk Iceland, TBC

Lake Myvatn is a beautiful wilderness and in stark contrast to London and Edinburgh. This marathon will require you to be very self-motivated, as apart from the other Walkers, there is only the wildlife to keep you company. 

With an irresistible itinerary that will take you from whale watching, climbing volcanoes, crossing lava fields, seeing powerful waterfalls, culminating in your final Power Walk of the Three Land Challenge, this is a must do challenge! Learn more.

Why do one MoonWalk when you can do all three!


Who should do this challenge?

Well, it’s certainly not for the faint-hearted and is ideal for anybody who has already completed a marathon, or anybody who can be committed to the training and has the determination and motivation to take on this adventure... As a Three Land Challenger, you'll also be given your Three Land Challenge Passbook and you must have collected all three stamps at each event to receive your Three Land medal in Iceland.

The UK MoonWalks do not have a time limit, however the final challenge, The MoonWalk Iceland does have a 10 hour time limit. For each Marathon you should aim for a sustained walking pace of 14-16 minute miles. 

This challenge is a wonderful journey, from the excitement, the training build up, the atmosphere of each challenge and new found friends taking on the Challenge together. Tempted... read on and find out what others thought. 



Wow, wow, wow! The trip was an experience of a lifetime.- Gill

A day to explore the Capital...

Touchdown and you will be visiting Reykjanes Peninsula and the Bridge Between Two Continents. A wonderful part of Iceland because of its combination of natural phenomenon, geothermal activity and mythical stories. Onwards to the North-east to the stunning area of Lake Myvatn. Where you'll head off whale watching, visiting the most powerful waterfall in Europe, climbing a volcano and trekking through lava fields all included in your time away.  

Having explored the North, you then enjoy Reykjavik and discover what the South of Iceland has in store! Natural wonders, shimmering falls, tours of the famous Golden Circle and so much more. Plus, what better way to end your time in Iceland? A visit to the famous Blue Lagoon before you fly home!


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