'Under 13’s can go free' on the 5k and 10k miles with a fee paying adult

Register your interest for 2022!

Register your interest for 2022!

The Virtual SunWalk

  • Calendar

    Date TBC

  • Distance

    5k | 10k | Half | and 100k

  • Location

    Near you!

  • Requirements

    Take part as an individual, a family or even as a virtual Team!

Register your interest for 2022!

It's Summer time… join the SunWalk Festival


    Medal sent in the post


    Walker number to customise


    Download festival bunting

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    Walking distances


    Smoothie and lolly recipes


    Scavenger hunt fun


    Be young – be active!

£15 all distances

Aim to raise £50

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Get ready for a week of fun...

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What a blast! Thank you for taking part and helping make a difference!

It's Summer time and we're feeling good... time for our Virtual SunWalk Festival... this is one that you won't want to miss... even if you're on holiday... no problem... just don't forget to pack Walk the Walk with you. We will have a fun activity every day and there’s a challenge for all!

Get ready to pull out your tie-dyes and download your DIY Festival kit, we have bunting, delicious ice lolly and smoothie recipes to make, snacks to create, games to play and more! At the end of it all, a Congratulations Certificate to download and a fabulous medal for all finishers... what's not to love!

Join in the fun, it's a real family affair and sign up to walk a 5k, 10k, Half Marathon (13.1 miles, 21k), all these distances must be completed in one go! For those that want that extra bite... choose the 100k challenge... this can be completed in one pop, but if you think this is too daunting, it can be achieved in multiple walks spread over the week! 

All distances to be completed between 31 July - 8 August 2021! 

Are your family and friends thinking different distances?... Why not all come together and walk the last 5k or 10k miles as a team!

Every mile you walk is a healthy mile for you and one that will help those living with cancer!


Now this is my kind of fun, a festival that makes a difference!

What is the Virtual SunWalk Festival?

The fun starts on Saturday 31st July and continues through to Sunday 8th August 2021!


Walk - around your home, garden, park or anywhere you fancy!

Keep your eyes peeled for all the fun activities for you and your family to enjoy.

How does it work?

Walkers can choose from 4 options, which include:

  • Walk a 5k, 10k, Half Marathon (13.1 miles, 21k) and for those that want that extra bite… a 100k!
  • All challenges to be completed between 31 July - 8 August 2021!
  • 100k... can be completed in multiple walks or in one pop…
  • All other distances must be completed in one go!

Children can walk for free

  • £15 - for any distance
  • Under 13's can go free on the 5k and 10k with a fee paying adult and receive a medal. One free child per each paying adult.

What will I receive for my entry?

  • A well earned medal in the post
  • Downloadable certificate
  • Access to our fun and games
  • Lots of FUN!


Download a Walker Press Release and help us spread the word!


Entries close midnight Saturday 7th August 2021


You can find our T & C's here.

Reward prizes for fundraising!

Every penny really does count... we need your support now more than ever. Nothing must stop us uniting together against breast and other cancers… cancer doesn’t stop and neither will we!


What are the rewards?


We ask that everyone raises £50 and for those of you that go above and beyond... check out our fantastic prizes below:


  • £50 – thank you so much for hitting your fundraising goal!
  • £100 – you have doubled your fundraising! You will receive a Walk the Walk Tote Bag as a reward!
  • £200 – you have really got the money rolling in! You will receive a Walk the Walk Tote Bag and Arm Warmers as a reward!
  • £300+ – WOW!... You have really smashed your goal! As a reward for all your fundraising, you will receive a Walk the Walk Tote Bag, Arm Warmers and Bumbag!


Please note: To qualify for the reward prizes, fundraising amounts need to hit the above goals by midnight the 31st August 2021. Of course, all sponsorship is gratefully received after this date, it's just that the reward option will no longer apply. Important information: Any fundraising given to a team page will be evenly split amongst the team and then added to any donations you may have on your individual page to calculate the rewards due.


Looking for a paper Sponsor Form?

Download a sponsor form here


Why not download a poster?

Download a PDF which you print and then write on.

Download a Word version to enable you to paste your own text and pictures on the poster before printing.


Festival Fundraising tips


Use your fundraising page to say why you’re taking part in the Festival and raising funds for Walk the Walk. Your story can really make a difference and hopefully encourage your supporters to dig deep!


Get your friends and family to sponsor your Festival playlist! An upbeat song can soon get you powering along... let’s hope you'll be 'Walking on Sunshine!'


Who doesn’t love a smoothie? Use your favourite smoothie recipes to create refreshing drinks to tempt your family and friends... for a donation of course! Or use the smoothie recipes created especially for the SunWalk Festival! Set up a stall in your garden or in front of your house for maximum impact!


Keep your neighbourhood beautiful by watering your neighbours’ gardens while they’re away. No-one wants to come home to drooping plants when they’ve spent a lot of time and effort making their gardens bloom... so watch your kind offer bear lots of cash fruit!


With many people still working from home, parents are struggling to keep the children occupied while they work. Take the children off their hands with some Festival activities to keep them busy* and out of Mum and Dad’s hair. A donation to your page will be a great exchange! See some fun ideas below:


  • A Garden Treasure or Scavenger Hunt
  • Hopscotch
  • Skipping games
  • Hide and Seek
  • Simon Says
  • Musical Statues
  • Garden Cricket
  • Jacks
  • Marbles


* remember your social distancing guidelines.

Need more help?... get in touch here.

How will the miles be tracked?

Through Strava...

Strava is a free app to download, that uses GPS to record your distance walked... this can be connected to your online fundraising page. To check if you are logged in click on the three lines in the top right-hand corner. If you are not logged in then you can log in with your email and order number.


How do I get it?

You can connect your Strava account when you create your online fundraising page or later on via the "Connect to Strava" button on your fundraising page, this will be visible when you are logged in.


IMPORTANT! Strava settings...


When you are completing your challenge miles, ensure Strava is set to 'Everyone' under activities so we can track your miles to show you have achieved your goal! 

This needs to be done before saving your walk. Please also ensure that the activity is set to ‘Walk’ rather than a ‘Run’ or  ‘Hike’. (It will accept run and walk as a setting, as some walkers have it set as run, even tho walking for the reporting data).


Training walks will not be automatically be posted to your page but why not keep your supporters updated by uploading pics, mileage and sharing the fun you have been up to on your walks.


What if I can't or do not want to use Strava or want to use another device to track my distance?


If you are using a different measuring device please take a picture or a screenshot of your activity. Whilst you are logged into your fundraising page you can then add your walk as a manual activity to your page and add this photo to each activity... this must be done during the event week. Click here for instructions for mobile upload or computer upload.


Alternatively, you can upload your distance photo hereThis must be received by Wednesday 11th August 2021.


Once we have notification your challenge is completed we will send an online certificate and your well deserved medal will follow in the post.

Making the most of our SunWalk with our DIY Festival KIT

Keep your eyes peeled for all the fun activities for you and your family to enjoy.

A link will be emailed once you have entered giving you access to all the fun items to download.

24 years of Walking the Walk

What our Walk the Walkers are doing!

Loved this last year and can't wait to do it again!- Gill

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I might be little but walking with my mummy was fun!- Emily

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Whatever your age or ability, you can take part and join the Virtual SunWalk Festival.

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Thank you!


For vital breast cancer causes.

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