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What is the footprint grading?

We thought we should make it easier for our walkers to understand what's required to take on one of our challenges so we have added a footprint scale to each of our events!

1 Foot:

Indicates challenges of 5k 10k and Half Marathons, no time pressure during these events and so ideal for all beginners or for those wanting to keep a level of fitness up, but their training light.

  • Great North Run
  • MoonWalk Scotland New Moon
  • 25km Thames Path Challenge

2 Feet:

A marathon is a big challenge to take on so this grade will require you to commit to the Training Plan, however although there is a finishing time for Virgin London Marathon, it should be ample not to put pressure on any Walkers that has trained.

  • MoonWalk Half Marathons (London and Edinburgh)
  • Virgin London Marathon

3 Feet:

Whilst any marathon is a goal, doing it at night does increase the challenge. 

  • MoonWalk Full Marathons (London and Edinburgh)

4 Feet:

Indicates marathons that are the next step up on the challenge grade. In the case of Iceland it is a remote part of the world, there is no mass support so Walkers will be tested to use their own determination and motivation to cross the line. The Berlin Marathon must be completed in sub 6 hours, which means increasing the training strategy. The Inca Trail Peru whilst not a Power Walk will require endurance at altitude and the trail needs a certain level of training, plus the camping involved and the Gate of the Sun steps into Machu Picchu are challenging. Either of the 50km London 2 Brighton or Thames Path Challenges are further than a standard marathon at 31 miles, the 2 Day options are also challenging and require commitment to the Training Plan.

  • The Inca Trail Peru
  • The MoonWalk Iceland
  • Berlin Marathon
  • 50km London 2 Brighton Challenge
  • 50km Thames Path Challenge
  • New York City Marathon
  • 2 Day Thames Path Challenge
  • 2 Day London 2 Brighton Challenge

5 Feet:

The ultimate challenges for those that want to take Power Walking to the extreme! Paris Marathon must be completed in sub 6hrs, Walkers will need to aim for a continued walking pace of 5 miles per hour. The Nijmegen Marches completes distances of 40km or 50km for 4 consecutive days, The Arctic Marathon is a cross country skiing marathon. 100km's and Over the Moon are endurance ultra challenges. These are Walk the Walk's ultimate Power Walking challenge so training is essential!

  • Paris Marathon
  • The Nijmegen Marches
  • The Arctic Marathon
  • Over The Moon
  • 100km London 2 Brighton
  • 100km Thames Path Challenge 
  • Three Land Challenge

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