WTW grants £22,320 to breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel!

The grant will help fund CoppaFeel’s “Uni Boob Teams”, working on university campuses.

We’re delighted to have awarded £22,320 to CoppaFeel!

The mission of this wonderful charity is to raise awareness amongst young people that breast cancer can affect them, with the aim that all breast cancers are diagnosed early. CoppaFeel! educates young people across the UK about the importance of knowing the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, encouraging them to check their breasts, chest and pecs regularly.

Walk the Walk’s grant will help fund eight of CoppaFeel’s “Uni Boob Teams”, which work on university campuses, handing out educational materials and handy reminder tools, such as CoppaFeel! shower stickers. The volunteer Uni Boob Teams also raise awareness through stalls on campus, as well as by hosting social events and sharing content on social media.

CoppaFeel! was founded in 2009 by Kris Hallenga and her twin sister Maren. Kris had visited three GPs with concerning symptoms, before she was finally referred and diagnosed with incurable stage four breast cancer at the age of just 23. At the time, Kris didn’t know that breast cancer could affect young people in their twenties.

Emilia, Uni Boob Team Leader, said “To be part of something like CoppaFeel!, where you are raising awareness of breast cancer in such a fun way is absolutely incredible! You are able to be creative and encouraging, but also empowering and educational. It’s just a whole range of skills”

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