Why The MoonWalk Scotland is such a special “annual fixture” for Linda

I discovered my breast cancer, thanks to the bra I’d decorated for The MoonWalk

Linda (centre) at The MoonWalk Scotland 2022, with daughters Susan, Jane and Ruth, and friend Kirsten

“I discovered my breast cancer, thanks to the bra I’d decorated for The MoonWalk Scotland. I’m going to continue taking part in the event every year and have no plans to stop!  

My first MoonWalk Scotland was in 2015 – one of my daughters had taken part previously. My mother in law also sadly died from breast cancer, so raising money for Walk the Walk, was a cause very close to our family’s heart.

The MoonWalk Scotland 2015

I can remember the day of my second MoonWalk (in 2016) very vividly. I’d decorated my bra as usual and was looking at my outfit in a full length mirror – something I don’t normally do. While looking in the mirror, I noticed some puckering on my left breast. I thought it was a bit strange and when I investigated it further, I discovered a lump.

I didn’t tell anyone else about what I’d found, because we were looking forward to having fun at The MoonWalk that night. Luckily, I had a doctor’s appointment planned for the following week anyway, and I mentioned the lump to my GP.

The MoonWalk Scotland 2016 – taken on the day Linda discovered a lump in her breast

I was sent for further tests – a mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy – and it was confirmed that I did have breast cancer. My treatment was a lumpectomy, followed by radiotherapy. Because my cancer was caught early, I didn’t need chemotherapy. I’m also taking hormone therapy for 10 years.

At the time my breast cancer was discovered, I was between mammograms and there was still another 15 months to go until my next one. The moral of the story was that as well as feeling and examining your breasts, you need to look at them too. Not everyone stands and looks at themselves in a full length mirror and it was only because of The MoonWalk that I did that myself. I’m so glad I did and The MoonWalk now has an even greater significance for me, as a result. The timing of my diagnosis was crucial. If I’d been diagnosed much later, my cancer could have been a lot more invasive.

The MoonWalk Scotland 2017

I keep on signing up for The MoonWalk Scotland and in 2022, I took part for the fifth time, walking the Half Moon. I sign up with my three daughters and other friends every year. We always have such a wonderful time – it’s a fantastic night with such a great atmosphere. It’s wonderful that so many people are uniting together, championing the breast cancer cause. It makes me feel so proud! It’s so important to me, that as well as raising funds for vital breast cancer causes, I’m also helping to raise awareness.

I train hard for The MoonWalk every year – I walk around 100 miles in a normal month anyway. I also walk a lot between the events, partly because I know it’s good for me, but also because walking is really beneficial for me while I’m still taking hormone therapy. The medication I’m on isn’t great for my joints, and walking helps to strengthen my bones.

The MoonWalk Scotland 2018

The MoonWalk Scotland has become a very special annual fixture for me – even though I’m 70 now! I have no plans to stop and plan to take part once again in 2023”.

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