Why is The MoonWalk Iceland so Unique and Special!

100 Reasons why you should join us on the amazing MoonWalk Iceland!

1. Where else can you take part in a Summer Solstice Marathon?
2. You’ll never forget the magical landscape
3. You kick off the trip with a visit to the Bridge Between Two Continents
4. Where else do you get a natural mineral bath after your marathon?
5. You’ll fall slightly in love with the puffins
6. You’ll love our exclusive whale watching tour.
7. You’ll visit Gunnuhver and Krysuvik geothermal fields
8. Where else can you do a marathon around a lake?
9. The food in the hotel is fantastic!
10. You’ll walk up a volcano…

11. … You’ll walk down a volcano
12. You’ll make lifelong friends!
13. You’ll see the midnight sun… and never quite get over it!
14. You’ll step foot on the Reykjanes Peninsula
15. You’ll learn to love your Bumbag
16. The Finish Line is phenomenal
17. You’ll receive an excellent welcome at Lake Myvatn
18. You’ll visit the fishing town of Husavik
19. You get to travel on a chartered flight just for MoonWalkers from Reykjavik to Husavik.
20. You’ll walk along with wild sheep on the road.

21. You’ll be offered jellied eels for breakfast
22. And you’ll learn to love mushroom soup
23. It’s likely you’ll experience all four seasons in the one trip!
24. Grit and determination will become your best friend!
25. The minute silence at the Start Line will stay with you forever.
26. You’ll come back slightly missing the training
27. You get to enjoy our Walk the Walk boutique – where you can buy some of our classic kit.
28. You’ll need to bring some humour and self-motivation
29. You start to get good at swatting midgeys or you’ll get used to looking like a loonie as you try!
30. We’ll give you a WTW Midgey hat though – just in case!

31. You’ll learn a few new songs… ‘She’ll be coming round the mountain when she comes...’
32. “She’ll be wearing a pink bra when she comes!”
33. You might start to love the smell of sulphur
34. You’ll love the hearty breakfast as you cross the Finish Line! It might even taste like the best you’ve ever had.
35. You take home a fabulous Medal
36. You’ll make friends with the lovely little group on your tour as we drive around!
37. High vis will become your best friend
38. You may find the training hard, fitting it into your life is never easy, but talk to us and others!
39. You’ll be tired but the adrenaline will keep you going.
40. You get to visit the famous Blue Lagoon!

41. Where else can you do a conga in a bra with other MoonWalkers and it be ok and there’s no alcohol involved.
42. You can get some fab souvenirs in Husavik
43. You’ll find the boiling mud pools fascinating
44. You’ll get some funny looks as you turn up to the airport in your bra t-shirt!
45. You’ll see the most special wilderness ever!
46. MoonWalkers take over the entire hotel!
47. You’ll feel relaxed in the tranquil surroundings of the green Asbyrgi Canyon
48. It’s only natural to feel a little nervous and excited during the Tactics Talk
49. You’ll feel like you’ve regained your youth from school, as you get checked in and off the bus
50. You’ll learn the difference between a humpback and a minke whale

51. But once you’ve met the other MoonWalkers in bra t-shirts, you’ll feel a bit like an army going to war!
52. After the tours on Day 2, you can relax and unwind at the nature baths, as a little extra!
53. You’ll be proud of your pink, sequined, fluffy, decorated bra!
54. You’ll be very excited about the arrival of your Walker Pack…
55. … And your Final Pack!
56. You’ll love all the videos and photos when you get home
57. You may cry at photos… even after a year of your challenge!
58. You’ll want to sign up for next year as soon as you get home
59. You’ll sleep very well in Iceland
60. Your arms may get tired from all the hugs – but that’s not a bad thing!

61. You’ll be in awe of the amazing and famous Dettifloss Waterfall.
62. You can enjoy eating all those carbs at the Pasta Party, just before we set off to start!
63. You’ll find you stare at the sun for longer – wondering, does it really not get dark?
64. You get a pink race number!
65. You can even visit the Whale Museum
66. You’ll love your trainers all the more!
67. You’ll see mirror landscape mountain ranges
68. You’ll love Jokulsa River
69. You’ll find the exquisite bird life fascinating
70. You’ll love telling people what you signed up for!

71. You’ll never breathe fresher air!
72. You’ll love the locals!
73. You won’t even feel the cold at the Start Line, just the adrenaline
74. You may be slightly perplexed by the local delicacies!
75. You can come on a 20 Mile Training Walk, prior to the challenge to meet fellow Walkers.
76. You’ll get to see the best of Reykjavik on our city tour!
77. You’ll look back at puffins and remember fond memories
78. You’ll love the midnight sun
79. You’ll wonder what those life-size penguins are doing walking down the street…
80. … then you’ll realise the Walk the Walk staff love dressing up

81. You’ll love the scenery!
82. You’ll rush to take photos of dolphins
83. You enjoy a day and night in the capital of Reykjavik!
84. You won’t be able to stop telling stories about your adventure!
85. You’ll want to stick tattoos all over you!
86. You’ll love the Perlan Viewing Platform in Reykjavik
87. You’ll treasure your MoonWalk Iceland t-shirt
88. After a little sleep… you’ll look forward to the celebrations
89. You may get emotional
90. Correction… you will get emotional

91. You’ll witness the famous Golden Circle
92. You won’t be able to stop smiling
93. You will feel a great sense of achievement
94. And feel very accomplished
95. You can now enjoy the champagne
96. You’ll feel united with your fellow Walkers
97. You’ll love the Afternoon Tea
98. You’ll cherish your medal
99. You’ll love every minute of it
100. You’ll want to go back... and you can! Join us now


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