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What our MoonWalkers have to say!

To everyone who took part, no event I attend comes close to matching the amazing atmosphere of this event, and this is very much down to the fantastic people who take part!

Here's just a flavour of what some of our MoonWalkers thought of our 'Roaring Twenties' celebrations at The MoonWalk London 2017!

What an amazing experience! My second half moon (this year joined by Kelly Morris and Jane Faulkner) and just as much fun as the first! :) The wind held off (thank goodness) and the rain contingency only made the briefest of appearances! A fantastic night! :) Thanks to everybody involved, chiefly the organisers, staff and volunteers for keeping us fed, watered, heading in the right direction and safe! But also to everyone who took part, no event I attend comes close to matching the amazing atmosphere of this event, and this is very much down to the fantastic people who take part! Thank you everybody, I can't wait to do it again! :)

P.S. Apologies to any litter pickers for any lost feathers, though most of the ones I saw were pink, so not my fault this year! 😃 ) - Rob Faulkner

Well I did it - again and in a time of 5h57m so happy with that. it's always a difficult challenge and no it's not just a walk(as some people say!) A great nite as always and the support and atmosphere throughout the night was fantastic. met some great people on route - special thanks to 'the magnificent 7' and also to Julie Homewood for picking up the pace and storming it in the final 3 miles and allowing me to tail you!! well done everyone who took part - Lara Goddard 

I am so pleased to have completed my first full moonwalk in under 7 hours without any stops. My training went a bit awry due to injury and I really feared I would not even finish. I needn't have worried because in addition to all the amazing entertainments you arranged along the route, there was the super fabulous marshals who gave never ending support all the way home. I walked alone but never felt alone, I was so grateful for the smiles and encouragement they gave especially when things got a little tough. This helped me get the medal for all the super generous people who sponsored and supported me to take part in this amazing event. #WTWbloodybrilliant - Jacqui Bowen 

  So so proud of myself & my team! We did good knocking 2 hours off our estimated time on the full marathon. Was the best experience! Would like to say a massive thank you to all the volunteers for all your words of encouragement, clapping, whoops & dancing :-) well done to all you fellow Moonwalkers 😘 xxx - Nikki Fagg 

 Halfway !!! What a sight for sore eyes (or extremely tired ones.) Extremely proud of my walking buddy, our 1st Moonwalk and her 1st marathon walk and she did amazingly with poorly toes and feet. Think I moaned more than her about aches and pains 😂 Kids 10 minutes late for school as the walk took slightly longer. Sitting waiting for registration to open to do it all over again in 2018. - Fiona Eryılmaz 

What a night so well organised and the volunteers were awesome 💕💕💕 - Anita Hall

What an amazing event , so inspired by everyone who took part.❤️. Such incredible stories of brave battles, courage and determination . To all of you I salute you. ❤️ - Craig McMurrough

Fancy being part of it in 2018?... entries are open... join us now at The MoonWalk London 2018... Yeeeeha!



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